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Summer Holidays


On this section of the webpage you will find a 6 week challenge booklet for Year 1. This booklet is here to provide you with some focus over the 6 week holidays as we know lots of parents have suggested they would like to keep some structure to their days. We hope this booklet will also help children to keep up with the skills and knowledge they need for a smoother transition to Year 2. The challenge booklet is completely optional so please do not feel any pressure from us to complete it, this is simply here should you wish to use it! If you do complete some educational tasks throughout the 6 weeks holidays then make sure you colour in or tick the appropriate smiley face as we will be celebrating your lockdown and summer holiday achievements when you come back in September.


Keep working hard, keep smiling and keep shining in everything that you do! We can't wait to see you in 6 weeks time.

Useful resources:

The resources below may help you to complete some of the activities set out in the 6 week challenge booklet. In this section you can find the Y1 spelling list for the end of term, phonics screening checks, a handwriting booklet and the supporting number bonds and times table cards for maths.

Useful links:

The links below should support you with the activity ideas set out in the 6 week challenge booklet. We have provided a link for accessing E-books and then websites which will help with spelling, phonics and maths.