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Summer 2 Tudors

We've made it!  We are in our final part of Year 3 with Summer Term 1.  So what will we be covering in this part of curriculum?


In History we will be continuing with our unit about the Tudors, cut this time we will be looking at the Elizabethan era.  Some of the themes that we will be looking at in this block will be about how the Tudor people lived, what their homes were like, what their diet was like, and how this affected their health. We will also be making sense of the Golden era of exploration and the arts by looking at world travel through the eyes of the Golden Hinde's crew and of course, we couldn't miss a virtual trip to Shakespeare's Globe theatre!                


The coverage in English and Maths will continue to progress through the Year 3 curriculum objectives with those children who need further support, engaging with further intervention. In English, we will be focusing on developing writing to inform via newspaper articles and writing to entertain through poetry and playscripts.  


In Maths, we will be continuing our learning about time and how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minute interval and then down to each minute, using an analogue clock face.  We will also start to look at the 24hour digital clock and compare them with analogue times, as well as start to calculate durations in time using a number line.  After our this, we will turn our attention to angles and lines in order to use these to accurately describe 2-D and 3-D shapes.  Our Maths year will be rounded off with learning how to tell the temperature, about the mass of objects and how to read scales using Kilograms (kg) and grams (g) weights, as well as measuring the capacity of containers using litres (l) and millilitres (ml).



In PSHE, we will be looking at being responsible and continuing with SRE. In RE, will be exploring why people pray.


In Science, we will be finding out more about the different layers of Soil and about fossilisation, as well as carrying out different investigations to apply our knowledge.  In PE, we will be practising football and athletic skills.   


This term, we will also be engaging in the music curriculum (learning about classical music), ICT (continuing our coding programme), and Spanish, where we'll be continuing to talk about pets and how to describe a face.


What a great end to a unique year!


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