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Summer 1 Tudors

In Summer Term 1, we will be back to teaching the full curriculum, now we have completed the catch-up curriculum in SpringTerm 2.  The coverage in English and Maths will continue to progress through the Year 3 curriculum objectives with those children who need further support, engaging with further intervention. In English, we will be focusing on developing descriptive narratives and writing to inform via different text types. In Maths, we will be continuing our learning about fractions.


In History we will be introducing our unit about the Tudors. We will be looking at when the Tudor dynasty came to the throne, who Henry VIII was, what Tudor entertainment, diet and early Tudor fashions were like, the many wives of Henry VIII, the creation of the Church of England, and about the Tudor heirs. Our Art lessons will complement this, as we will study the renaissance period and who influencial artists were during the Tudor time.


In PSHE, we will be looking at the characteristics of healthy friendships, looking at personal boundaries and unstanding our rights to privacy. In RE, will be exploring what different people believe about God. We will be comparing the views about God from different perspectives, including christian, islam and humanism.


In Science, we will be finding out about Rocks and Soil, the characteristics of different types of these and how these lead them to be used for different pursposes.  In PE, we will be practising pilates and working with Premier Sports to develop a range of sporting skills.


This term, we will also be engaging in the music curriculum (learning about disco), ICT (continuing our coding programme), and Spanish, where we'll learning how to introduce our family and pets.


We have lots to look forward to!