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Spring 2 14.03.22

In literacy this week we have read the story of the hungry caterpillar. We have sequenced the story and then written a sentence about which part of the story we like the most. 


Children can focus on 'Say the word, Fred talk (sound it out), write it down. Some children might only recognise initial sounds. Some children may hear the first and last sound or some sounds in the middle. 


Resources are below for this lesson. 

In our creative area this week we have been creating a flower collage using photographs of different textures. The children can add a sunshine, clouds, stem, leaves, roots, petals and grass etc to their image using the different textures. If you can not print this the children may want to do this using old magazines and catalogues instead. 


resources for this lesson are below. 

In our Natural world we have been learning about the lifecycle of a caterpillar and had some come into school. We are looking after them ready to release them when they become a butterfly. 

Watch the video link below and then cut out and order the cycle. 

In maths we have been looking at adding two sets of objects. You can look at the pictures of ducks and butterflies to write the number of each then count how many altogether. If you feel this is too easy you can try and write the number sentence. You may also want to try this using objects from around the house. 

Resources are below

Thursday is our science day. If you want to try some science activities have a look at the resources below. We are looking at measuring our height and finding things which are the same - how many books? cubes? etc. 


We are also trying to grow ice... 


We hope you have as much fun being a scientist as we do.