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Welcome to
Spain Class!

Spain class is made up of 24 wonderful Year 1 children who love learning and who strive to be the very best they can be. Our Class teacher is Miss Bestwick and throughout the year she will be helping us adopt an ‘I can do it’ attitude so we believe anything is possible and we reach our goals.


In our Class we are very fortunate to have a range of adults who love to help us learn.

  • Every other Monday we are taught by Miss Roberts whilst Miss Bestwick has her planning, preparation and assessment (PPA).
  • Mrs Henson will be working closely alongside Spain class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Miss Austen supports us on a Tuesday and Thursday morning,


Alongside the children in our class, there is also our class bear who we named 'Cookie.' Cookie bear helps us every day with our learning and makes sure we are all following our school rules. Every day a lucky member of the class is chosen as the 'Star of the Day' and gets to take Cookie home. We are all super excited for our turn as we get to look after him at home for the night.

Spain's learning journey:

Our topic for Spring Term 1 is:

'Paddingtons adventures'




In Literacy we will be continuing with our story writing skills however we will be taking a step away from the 'imitation' and 'innovation' stage of Talk 4 Writing and moving more towards 'invention.' The children will be using a picture stimulus to invent their own story which can be as weird and wacky as they like! We will also be focusing on writing to entertain by creating our own post cards and letters to send to Aunt Lucy in Peru. Finally we will explore informative texts by writing instructions for Paddington Bear's own marmalade sandwiches. 


In Maths our learning will progress onto Multiplication and Division. We will be exploring doubling and halving and making sure we can complete this using fast recall. We will then begin to look at a range of strategies which help us multiply and divide.


Our topic this term is heavily driven by Geography and will follow on nicely from our Great Fire of London history themed topic last term. During our Geography lessons we will be locating London on a map/globe and exploring the human and physical features which attract many tourists. We will then complete a small study on Peru so that we are able to compare Paddington's home with Aunt Lucy's.


In Art we will be exploring an artist called 'Stephen Wiltshire' who creates city scapes through drawing. We will begin to explore basic sketching techniques to explore pattern and texture before creating our own lancscape of London. In Music we will be exploring tuned and untuned musical instruments in order to recreate the Paddington Bear theme tune.


In PSCHE we will be exploring emotions to help us understand why we feel certain ways and how we can communicate these feelings with others. We will touch upon different strategies which will help manage some of the emotions we may experience. In RE we will be thinking about what makes an inspiring person and what qualities a leader must have. We will look at different religious leaders before thinking about who inspires us and whether or not we inspire other people.


Spring Term 1 appears to be as busy as ever with lots of new learning for the children. Please find our topic web and medium term plan below.

General Information:

Important notices:

Reading books

Reading books are changed on a weekly basis. If your child is reading regularly at home, I am very happy to change their book more often. The children will need to leave their reading book and reading diary on my desk first thing in the morning. This will give me enough time to change their book during the day. Please could you write a little note in their diary asking for books to be changed so I know they have definitely finished and remind them in a morning to hand their diary and book in.



This year, spellings will run similarly to the tests in reception. In Year 1 the spellings are linked to the high frequency and tricky words to aid them with their spelling during independent writes. Each week we will choose ten words at random to test your child on. To support you with your learning at home, we would suggest you chose a few words each week to perfect rather than tackling the whole list. Although we cannot guarantee those words will come up, it is likely that some or most will. Spelling tests will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and will be completed informally as part of our daily classroom learning. If you think your child is struggling with this format then please speak to me and we can arrange something together.



During the Autumn Term our focus on homework will involve regular reading of the child's reading book as well as learning any high frequency words. If your child has received any new high frequency words these will be written in the teacher comments section of your child’s reading diary. Your child will also benefit from practising a few spellings per week from the spelling booklet we provide. Once the children have settled in to Year 1 life we will introduce MyMaths homework which can be completed on a laptop or computer. Each child will be given a login for this website but please feel free to ask for another if this is ever misplaced!



This year we will have two P.E lessons a week. Our Outdoor P.E session is on a Tuesday afternoon and our Indoor P.E is on a Friday afternoon. Please could you make sure your child returns their PE kit after the summer break. It would be helpful if all PE kit could be labelled to prevent any confusion between children. PE bags will be sent home at the end of every half term



Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 2nd September & Wednesday 3rd September - INSET days - school closed to pupils

Thursday 4th September - return to school

Thursday 24th October - break up for half term

Friday 25th October - INSET day - school closed to pupils

Monday 4th November - return to school

Friday 15th November - Children in need - wear PJs!

Saturday 30th November - Christmas Fair

Monday 2nd December - Assessment week

Wednesday 11th December - Parents evening

Friday 20th December - Last day of Autumn 2.







In Spain Class we are always trying to be the very best versions of ourselves. We love working hard and dreaming big. The children below have impressed Miss Bestwick and any other adults in our class and have received recognition during our ‘well done’ assemblies.


A huge congratulations to:

  • Lilly M - simply being an always child. First to follow the classroom and school rules, modelling set behaviours to everyone else and for always going out of her way to be a kind friend to everyone. Her warm heart and beautiful smile can never be missed in our classroom!
  • Ellie-Mae - being the queen of perseverance and resilience. Well done for striving to overcome difficulties and for working hard to achieve your next steps.
  • Oskar - setting high standards within the quality of work produced. Always neat, accurately formed handwriting and good presentation.
  • Suman - for being every teachers delight. Full of enthusiasm, positivity, warmth and kindness. Her demeanour in the classroom and around school never goes unnoticed! 
  • Cora - settling in to Year 1 better than anyone could have ever imagined. A positive change to her attitude has enabled her to challenge herself and strive for success.



The following children have reached their awards for:

Image result for bronze award  Lilly D, Lilly M, Tom, Lucy, Lottie, Sammy, Oskar - well done!!



          Image result for camera cartoon     Hall of fame:     Image result for camera cartoon


When your child impresses me or another member of staff in school, their photo or work will be added to our hall of fame with a short caption about their success. Keep your eyes peeled to see who will be the first!