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Self isolation work w/c 7/12/20

Monday 7th December 


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

Mrs White & Mrs Potter's group: Bumps in the Night

Mrs Ganguly & Mrs Henson's group: Forgetful Father Christmas


Start from the Paper 1(L) multiplication and division test and then move on to papers 2(M), 3(M) and 4(H). You don't have to do all the papers if you find them too hard.


As we are coming to the end of our 1960's block, this week is an assessment.  

Tuesday 8th December 



Practise using expanded noun phrases and a range of conjunctions by writing about this winter scene. You should aim to write at least 8 sentences including a conjunction in each one.


Today we are going to continue our fractions work from last week. Our lesson objective is to recognise and name oblong fractions.

Play the game (level 1, 2, 3- shapes only).Follow the link below

Work through the Oblong fractions worksheet

Challenge: Can you draw your own oblong and shade/colour 1/3, ¼, 2/4, ¾, ½ and explain using mathematical vocabulary.


Being Me - To recognise they belong to different groups and communities such as family and school.


Ask your child to draw a picture of themselves in the middle of their paper.

Encourage them to think about all the things/people/places in school, both in the classroom and outside on the playground. Ask them to write down their thoughts around their picture as if they are thought bubbles.

-What good things do they think about?

-What are they proud of in school?

-Who in school is special to them?

-What do they enjoy doing at school? 


Now ask your child where is their favourite place at home or with the family and why? What is it they like the most about their place and what do they like the least?

Wednesday 9th December 



Spelling Test (see Spelling List on class page) 

Then practise next week's spellings using Look, Cover, Write, Check.

For our SPAG lesson, we are learning how a verb (for example 'help') can be changed to a noun ('helper') by adding the suffix 'er'. Use the word cards to find matching pairs of words that have been changed in this way.  Write out the pairs of words, then see if you can think of any of your own and put them into sentences.


Today we are going to recognise, find, name and write fractions 1/3,1/4,2/4,3/4, 1/2 of a set of objects or quantity.

Go through the Fractions PowerPoint. Find 12 objects (it can be anything from pasta, beans or cubes). 

In your books  write…

I have 12 objects.

1/3 of my objects is..?

¼ of my objects is..?

2/4 of my objects is..?

¾ of my objects is…?

½ of my objects is…?

Challenge: Can you now try with 24 objects.

Remember to draw pictures to work out fractions of a set.


We are continuing our topic on Materials and this week we are going to identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses by exploring the purposes of different objects.

Go through the lesson presentation. Discuss why objects are made out of particular materials, for example why are window panes made out of glass?

Complete the differentiated Comparing Suitability Activity Sheets. Can you explain which properties make some materials suitable or unsuitable for different purposes?

Thursday 10th December 



Today you will be writing a recount about our 1960's party.  Remember that a recount is writing about something that has happened, with events in chronological order.  You will need to use the past tense in your writing, and include a range of conjunctions as well as adjectives and expanded noun phrases.  There are three things in particular that you should be writing about:  your outfit (which 1960's style did you dress up in and a description of what you were wearing), the party food (the planning in DT, what you chose and whether you liked it or not), and the dancing (what dances did you do, how did you do them and what was the music like).  Have a look at the photos from the party on the class page if you need a reminder! 


Finish the Mymaths homework. Login details are in your reading diary. 

Practise your 3 times table. Practise the 3 times table song and then try and write it.

Practise the 2, 5,10 and 3 times table games by clicking on the link below:

Friday 11th December 



Handwriting - practise cursive letter formation, remembering to start your letters from the line. This week we are practising the letters o, p, and q.  Remember that p and q have descenders that should come below the line.  The main body of the letter (the round part) should sit on the line. 


Play What fraction?

Solve and rebuild your own fraction grid by using the fraction grid template.

Challenge: Can you spot any fractions that are the same or equal.

Religious Education

How and why do Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah?