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Self isolation work w/c 14/12/20

Monday 14th December 



Reading Comprehension - The History of Santa Claus

Mrs White's group - 1* text and questions

Mrs Potter & Mrs Ganguly's groups - 2* text and questions

Mrs Henson's group - 3* text and questions.


Today we are going to practise a little bit more on how to find a fraction of a set of objects or quantity.

First, play the game by clicking on the link below:


Find 8, 12, 24,36 objects (it can be anything from pasta, beans or cubes). 

In your books  write…

I have 8,12, 24, 36 objects.

1/3 of my objects is..?

¼ of my objects is..?

2/4 of my objects is..?

¾ of my objects is…?

½ of my objects is…?

Remember to draw groups to work out the answer.

Challenge: Can you show me how ½ and 2/4 are the same or equivalent? Explain with an example.

Tuesday 15th December 



Read the story 'A Christmas Collar' on the powerpoint. 

Create a story map using the template and pictures.  Make sure your pictures are in chronological order!  Then, write about each part of the story remembering to use adjectives in your descriptions.  Try to include 'time' adverbs such as 'Next...', 'After that...', 'Finally...'.


Today we are going to solve some world problems based on our knowledge of fractions. Play this game as a recap on fractions:

Work through the word problems. Do at least the first 3 and the keep going if you want to challenge yourself.

Wednesday 16th December




Spelling Test: List 13 words

Then practise spellings for the next spelling test using Look, Cover, Write, Check.

Please note that the Spring 1 Spelling List is on the class page. 


SPAG lesson - we are learning to use the suffixes -er and -est.  These suffixes are used to compare, for example: tall, taller, tallest. For most words we just add the -er or -est onto the root word, but some words are irregular and follow a different rule. For words ending in e, drop the e before adding the suffixes.  For words ending in y, drop the y then change it to an i before adding the -er or -est suffix. 

Complete the table by changing the words with the -er and -est suffixes.  Then choose 4 sentences to write out, adding your own suitable -er or -est word.  Finally, have a try at some irregular words with the challenge activity. Then test your knowledge with the powerpoint quiz. 


Finish the Mymaths homework. Login details are in your reading diary. 

Practise your 3 and 4 times table. Practise the times table songs for both 3 and 4 times table and then try and write it.

Practise the 2, 5,10, 4 and 3 times table games by clicking on the link below:

Challenge: Explore and investigate the relation between the 2 and 4 times tables. Can you work out the 4 times table if you just know the 2 times table?

Thursday 17th December 




Using your story map from Tuesday, you can choose from two different activities today.

Activity 1: 

Rewrite The Christmas Collar in your own words. Remember to use a range of adjectives and conjunctions to make your writing interesting. Also remember to use some 'time' adverbs to introduce new parts of the story. You may want to challenge yourself by putting your writing into paragraphs. 


Activity 2: 

Use the scaffold to write a diary entry as Santa.  You will need to write in the first person (using 'I') to write about everything that happened on Christmas Eve in the story.  Remember to use your story map to help you order the events.  Include adjectives and conjunctions, and a range of different 'time' words such as 'Next', 'After that' 'Finally' etc. 


Solve the 'Mystery of the missing reindeer bells' by completing this fun maths activity booklet.


Friday 18th December 



Handwriting - Practice cursive letter formation.  Remember the letter should start and finish on the line. Today we are practising the letters r, s and t.  Both r and s need to sit completely in the lower half of the line. The letter t has an ascender which touches the top line.  The cross on the t should be half way between the lines. 


Try this fun maths activity booklet.

Merry Christmas !!


Being Me - Identify what makes them special

Find an object that is special to you at home. Think about the following questions..

Where did it come from? Where do you keep it? What do you like best about it? Do you think other people have similar special objects or different objects, why?

Ask your child to draw a picture of their special object and write a few sentences to explain why it is special. 

Religious Education

This is the last lesson on our block of teaching about the Jewish religion and we would like to know what the children have learnt/remembered. Please ask your child to write a few sentences saying what they know about the Jewish religion and what their beliefs are wand what is important to Jewish people.

They might want to watch this short clip 'Meet a Jewish family' to help them.