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Self isolation work w/c 03/05/21

Tuesday 04 May



Please complete Progress Test 3 (page 86) from the Collins Maths SATs Targeted Workbook. 



Reading comprehension: Go to Login as a pupil - username: mrs whites group password: reading.  Search for the ebook: East of the Sun, West of the Moon.  Read the text and then answer the questions at the back of the book and complete the two online activities.  



Log on to:

Click on Lesson 2 for Pirate Fitness Challenge.  Complete the warm up, adventure fitness and cool down. 




Wednesday 05 May 



Do your spelling test, then practice spellings for List 29.


SPAG:  In this lesson you are practicing using apostrophes for possession. This has been taught before, so hopefully this will familiar to you. Look at the Route Plan.  I would like you to make a list of all of the places that each coloured route stops off at.

For example: 

The red route goes to Destiny's house, Miriam's house... etc. 

Complete this for each of the 4 routes.  Then add yourself to the map (decide where your house would be on the map) and write out another route that calls at your house. 

The main objective is to use apostrophes for possession, but I would also like to see commas being used to separate items on a list, as well as the basics - capital letters (start of sentences and for names) and full stops. 


Listen to the story of The Lion and The Unicorn by Shirley Hughes:

Today we are learning about Evacuation in World War II. 

Have a look at the powerpoint below that explains about what evacuation was and why it happened (you may need a grown up to read and discuss it with).

I would like you to imagine that you are an evacuee, and you are writing a letter home.  What would you put in the letter?  Use the information in the powerpoint and also think about how Lenny was feeling in the story to complete the sections of the plan (there are 2 pages in total). Next week you will be writing up your letter in full. 

Thursday 06 May 



Today we are learning how to edit work.  Editing means improving - and this could be through spotting and correcting mistakes, or it could be making a piece of writing better by re-wording sentences. 

Warm up by looking through the Powerpoint below - can you spot the mistakes?

Now I would like you to read through the text in Activity 1.  Use the checklist to make sure you are spotting all of the mistakes in the text.  These could be spelling, punctuation, the wrong tense or perhaps the sentence doesn't make sense.  Use the Word List to check spellings against.   When you have thoroughly checked the text, re-write it properly. 

Now complete Activity 2 and 3.  If you are feeling confident, can you think of alternative words that could be used to make it sound more interesting? 

Friday 07 May 



In your Collins English workbook, complete Handwriting - Spacings and Sizes on pages 64 and 65.