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Welcome to Russia Class 

Welcome to our class page!


We are a Year 2 class and our teacher is Mrs Ganguly. Mrs. White and Miss Austen are our teaching assistants who help us in the classroom.

Mrs Ganguly

Russia class video

Still image for this video
Dedicated to all my lovely children in Russia class. I have had a fantastic year with you. Wishing you lots of love and best wishes for Year 3.

Hello everyone


It has been a  very unusual but great year with Russia class. Although it was a short year in terms of time at school, it feels like we packed a lot in!  Thank you for sending photos of your children at home and supporting them throughout, with their learning.


I am very much looking forward to September when we hopefully get time to see the children again and to help ease them into Year 3. Miss Austen, who has been working with the children throughout the year will be moving to Year 3 with them, which we hope will be reassuring for the children. 


Our final Zoom call is on the 21st of July at 10:15am and I am very much looking forward to seeing you all there.


As term finishes on Tuesday 21st July, I have planned two days of home learning activities as usual - please see the link below.


Further to this, along with the rest of the school, we are setting a 6 Week Summer Challenge for the children.  This takes the form of a variety of activities to do during the school holidays, to provide the opportunity for continuation of learning. These activities are entirely optional.  The challenge is to complete 15 minutes of an activity to receive a 'reward'. Please scroll down to see the new link with details of the Year 2 6 Week Challenge. Please let me know if you need paper copies and I will get them printed by Tuesday the 21st of July.  


In September I look forward to celebrating all of the children's hard work - whether it be work completed, as home learning during term time and / or the 6 Week Summer Challenge. 


Please do contact me if you need clarification on anything.


Wishing you a wonderful summer,

Mrs Ganguly






Our topic is: 


Where in the World could my Passport take me? 

Online phonics lessons

What we have been upto during the National Sports Week

Doing her speed bounce activity challenge
Siblings completing 'Rightway wrong way' game
Completed 110 star jumps in 1 minute
The gym bar is all set up for practice
Lorelei's PE challenge record
Completing her weekly PE challenge WOW!
Lorelei and Evie playing right way wrong way
Doing great on her daily PE challenge

Our homework during the May half term break

An excellent piece of work
Amazing homework by Penny

Look at our lovely homework we did during the Easter break.



Nevaeh's lovely piece of work
Sophie's amazing homework

Artwork Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Catherine's beautiful piece of art
Catherine's art from a different angle
Amazing art
What an extraordinary piece of art- truly inspired
Wow! Wow!Another excellent piece of art!

Look at how we have been keeping busy at home!

Russia class have been very busy and are enjoying their home learning activities. Well done for all your hard work. A BIG thank you to our parents who are making it exciting and enjoyable for us.

Please keep sending your photos! 

Rhys loved problem solving using bar modelling
Such brilliant maths work by Rhys
Amazing handwriting practise by Layla
Ways Layla can be hygienic
A science investigation by Layla
Improving sentences by Lorelei
Improving sentences and enjoying it too!
A beautiful African art piece by Catherine
An African safari by Catherine
The Tanzanian flag by Catherine
Layl's amazing maths work
Excellent Acrostic poem by Layla on online safety
Another great piece of african art by Oliver Munt
The girls look so happy at their family sports day
An excellent piece of Afican art
Lorelei's excellent online safety poster
Rhys making boring sentenses really interesting
Sudan flag by Rhys
Rhys attempting some comprehension questions
That is a lot of reading. Keep it up!
Fractions work by Layla
More fractions from Layla
Layla's healthy meal plan
An exceptional wanted poster by Layla
Rhy's healthy meeting plan
Great Mathematician!
What a lovely Pentomino picture!
Trying out the gynastics activities
Balancing on a wobble board
Excellent balancing
The arch body pose
Amazing writing work by Layla
Excellent maths work by Layla
So happy to be back to school for a day
Enjoying her stretches
Having fun but trying hard too
What a lovely gymnastic pose
What a great pet fact file from Sophie!
Rhys focussing hard on his maths measurement work
Catherine's Greek temple layout
Lorelei's Greek hero and Poleis map
Excellent science by Catherine
Wow! That is a lot of reading. Keep it up!
Layla's home learning- excellent!
Layla's home learning- Such neat presentation
Layla's home learning- Amazing handwriting
Layla's home learning-so impressed!
Layla's home learning- Wow!
Beautiful picture of a Brazilian girl by Layla
Excellent Rhys!
Enjoying his maths work
Online PE lesson-meditating
Brazilian flag by Catherine.
What a brilliant carnival picture by Catherine
Sophie's Brazilian flag
Learning to play 'Pirates of the Carribean' music
A very keen and smiling mathematician
An amazing piece of work by Paige
Having a great day out at the Hemlock Stone!
Climing lots of rocks at the Hemlock Stone
This is such a brilliant poster on the rainforest.
Rainforest poster- close up!!
Sophie's postcard from Australia
Such lovely neat work by Sophie
Nevaeh's postcard fro Australia
A wonderfully written letter by Nevaeh
I am so touched!
A koala by Catherine
A kangaroo by Catherine
An amazing Australian flag by Catherine
Enjoying the outdoors
Finding interesting facts about Russia
Russia serves Mcshrimp in the mcDonalds menu
Catherine's thankful paper chain
Truly a talented artist in the making!
Planting some beautiful flowers
What a great acrostic poem on SPRING!
Attending online ballet classes
TTrockstars-battle of the brothers- Rhys
Marvellous maths
Another one by Sophie- she is on fire!!!
Look at this amazing writing by Sophie
Outstanding neat work by Sophie
Super science by Sophie
An excellent piece of work by Sophie
The amazing obstacle course with rabbits by Sophie
Obstacle course drawing by Sophie
Great map work by Sophie
Busy baking a yummylicious banana cake
Out for a walk
Enjoying reading 'The Demon Dentist'
The gymnast
Amazing science work by Nevaeh
Excellent map work by Nevaeh
Making an Easter card
Reading to her little brother
Working ever so hard and with a lovely smile too
Grandpa's 75th birthday celebrations
The feelings tree
Such a lovely blossm tree
Tayla learning about money
Baking with sister
Working together
Enjoying the sun
Out on a walk with his brother
Enjoying his home learning activities
Such neat and tidy work
Working super hard
Another beautiful blossom tree
A beautiful blossom tree by Leyla
Practising her gymnastics
enjoying the assault course with her little sister
Making an assault course
Literacy work on The Enormous Turnip by George
Leaf printing
Love baking
Busy exercising
Showing her very neat work
A lovely Easter card from Rhys
Enjoying TTrockstars
Brothers working hard
Testing the handmade Aztec sundial
Beautiful piece of work
Hard at work
Helping mum with the baking
An excellent piece of work by Lorelei
Some yummy cookies baked by George
Maths work by George
Super fantastic handwriting by George
A lovely Aztec bookmark by George
Can't wait to eat it
Busy baking
Great writing
A rainbow of hope
Chatting with friends
Showing off their lovely homelearning activities
Some lovely writing
Enjoying PE
Being really organised
Concentrating on his work
Busy baking a rhubarb crumble
Look at what we have been doing:
We had such a fun, muddy time at Forest School!  We loved exploring our outdoor space, playing games, making and following trails for each other. Thank you to Miss Barratt for organising such great activities for us! 

Chinese new year rats

The children had a great time at their Christmas party.

We have been learning about Apollo 11 and in DT we are making our own rockets.  In science we made our own 'rocket explosion' by adding some mints to Coca-Cola.  We loved the result!
We went to West Park to explore how it has changed over the years.

Our classroom is full of wonderful time-machines that are ready to zoom back into the past or into the future!  We loved showing and talking about our creations.