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Religious Education

This week the children will be continuing to consolidate their knowledge on Harvest Festival as this is recognised as a celebration or festival which links to the Christian lifestyle.



Teaching and Learning:

Show children the word Harvest. Thinking back to last weeks learning in school, what can children remember about this term? Agree together that this is the process of gathering in the crops and where farmers work for longer hours over a period of time to ensure crops are harvested. Progress onto showing your child the term 'Harvest Festival.' If we know what Harvest means, why do you think we might celebrate this as a festival? Recognise that this is because some people are less fortunate than us and so require food banks or donations to receive their food. Christians recognise the importance of helping others so they often gift food to the poor or to those in temporary danger.


Work through the Harvest Festival PowerPoint to explore what this festival is all about and how the festival is celebrated around the world.


Your task:

1 star - Use the sorting produce to learn all about the different crops and produce that we supply. Write a sentence explaining how each food group is collected.

2 star - Write a sentence explaining what Harvest Festival is and how this is celebrated in the Christian Faith.

3 star - Explore how 3 different countries celebrate Harvest Festival. Write a comparison detailing the similarities and differences.



Share a portrait created by Arcimboldo. Use the PowerPoint to explore his style of work. Try to recreate this using foods celebrated during Harvest Festival.