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Religious Education



Teaching and Learning

Use the PowerPoint to look at different objects and items.


Explain that all of the items you can see have come from two separate households. Some of the items on the tray belong to a Christian family and some items belong to a non-Christian household. Encourage children to sort the items based on which family they think the items belong to.


Emphasise to children that families are all unique but have similarities and differences. This means that just because family are Christian, doesn’t mean they can’t have a story book or pop CD in their house. It also means that not all Christian houses are the same. Some Christian families will have all of these items, some might only have a few, but these are the things that are considered to be important


Your task:


1 star – draw images which can be found in either house and verbally discuss ideas with TA/teacher.

2 star  – Draw images which can be found in both houses and label.

3 star -  Draw both houses and then the appropriate images withing. For each of the houses, children should annotate their image with information about what is included and should write sentences below which explain why the item is important and how it might be useful for the family.