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Religious Education


This week in our RE (Religious Education) lessons we will be continuing our learning on Christianity. You may note that this activity is the same as the home learning from last week, however this task has yet to be completed in school as well as at home for remote learners and we would like to continue keeping children at home in line with children in school.


Teaching and Learning:

Use to refresh knowledge on Christianity. Once complete, work through the PowerPoint to explore Christian beliefs, practices and sacred objects in greater depth. Ensure children are able to answer the following questions before moving on:

1. Who does a Christian believe in?

2. Where do Christians sometimes go to pray?

3. What is the name of their holy book?

4. What is the symbol for Christianity?

5. What objects are special/sacred to Christians?


Your task:

1 star - Stick (or draw) the pictures and label with the correct term.

2 star - stick (or draw) the pictures and match to the correct term and definition.

3 star - Draw the different sacred objects and write detailed sentences explaining their purpose.