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If your child is in Mrs Norton's class please enter through the green gates like last week and then bring your child to the pink gate where they came out after their session last week. If they are in Miss Hutchinson and Mrs Kitten's class, then please come in through the green gate and then walk your child around to the green gate where they came out of after last week's session. 


Next week we will send home a class Dojo link. You will need to enter the password for your child so that you can get on. This will then be the main source of information. If you do not receive the letter after Thursday's session you can email the class teacher and they can send you the form via email. 


Mrs Norton -

Miss Hutchinson/Mrs Kitten's - 


Thank you 


Mrs Norton 

Hello! It was so lovely to see everyone today. We had a lot of smiley faces leaving us and the children have already been spotted making new friendships. We look forward to seeing them again soon and we are all really excited for September. 


Mrs Norton 

Hello Everyone, 


Thank you for those that have returned paperwork so that we can contact your child's nursery to arrange visits. We have planned nursery visits for Wednesday 15th and Wednesday 22nd June. Please can you send in forms as soon as possible so that I can fill in some more for Wednesday 22nd. 

These are the ones we have so far:


Wednesday 15th June

Breaston Pre-school

Children's 1st Derby Road

Nightingale Nursery

Long Eaton Pre-school 

Children's 1st Main Street

Alphabet House Long Eaton

Busy Bees Long Eaton 


Wednesday 22nd June 

Sawley Nursery 

Childminder visits 

Shardlow Hall nursery 

The Secret Garden 


Some are on alternative dates as these were not suitable. 


We look forward to meeting your child soon! 


Mrs Norton

Hello, I am Mrs Norton the EYFS Lead. I am looking forward to meeting you all in June and July and will be running the information and phonics meetings on the letter sent out. I teach in class from Monday to Wednesday, however am in school for non-contact time on a Thursday. Miss Martin will cover the class on a Thursday and Friday.


You will be given a letter for Class Dojo. On here you will be able to message the assigned teachers or TAs to the class, therefore it is best to message the teacher in class on the day. Class Dojo is a secure app where you can only access it if invited by the class teacher and enter the password provided to you. Here we share photos and updates of what the children have done in the day. This also can be used by yourselves to upload things that you do at home to share with the teacher. 

Hello, I am Miss Hutchinson. I work in one of the EYFS classes. I will be sharing the class with Miss Keating. 

I will work Monday to Wednesday one week, then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon the next. 


Mrs Keating will teach Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday one week, then Thursday and Friday the next. 


Hello, I am Miss Keating. I will be sharing a class with Miss Hutchinson. I will work Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday one week and Thursday and Friday the next. I look forward to meeting you all soon. 


Hello, I am Miss Martin. I cover Mrs Norton's Class on a Thursday and a Friday. I am also the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). 

Here are our three Teaching Assistants who work in our team. Mrs Homer works with Miss Hutchinson and Miss Keating, Miss Austen works with Mrs Norton and Miss Martin and Mrs Hardy works alongside both class completing interventions, NELI, speech and language and listening to readers.



TUESDAY 21ST JUNE - 4:00 - 5:00pm - Parents meeting in the hall. Children are welcome to come and be supervised in the class by our staff. Here you will be told important information about daily timings, routines and what the children will need to ensure a smooth transition into school life. 


School have also arranged for the catering team to provide information on our lunches provided, Clarkes to come and discuss how to arrange an appointment and Stikins name label leaflets to be available on this evening. 


WEDNESDAY 29TH JUNE -  Transition morning - 9:30 - 11:00am - Here the children will be able to meet their teachers and also get to know the children in their class. 


WEDNESDAY 6TH JULY - 9:30 - 11:00 - Transition morning 2 - Another morning for the children to get used to their new environment. 


TUESDAY 12TH JULY - 5:00 - 6:00pm - Phonics Meeting - An introduction to our phonics scheme - (Read, Write, Ink) what books to expect and how to read them with your child, how to fill in their reading diaries and what to expect to see from the school. 


THURSDAY 14TH JULY - 9:30 - 11:00 -Transition morning 3 -  Another morning for the children to get used to their new environment. 





The school gates open at 8:45am.


If your child is in Miss Hutchinson/Miss Kitten's class then you will need to collect your child from the green gate outside of the classroom. If you are in Mrs Norton's class then you can collect your child from the red gate near the grass. 

Children will need their water bottle and red book bag bringing into school every day. The initial red book bag and plastic wallet to store the book and diary in will be provided to your child by the school therefore there is no need to buy one. 


PE kits are red t-shirts and black shorts, trousers and hoodie (most have a zip), with a pair of trainers for outdoor PE. These must all be clearly labelled with your child's name, and be in a small bag (if PE kits are kept in school). Children currently come in PE kits on their PE day due to COVID, however this may continue into next year. 


Any children who require any medical support such as inhalers, EPI pens and medication will need to complete a form which can be collected from the school office. This will then be signed once administered by staff. Inhalers and EPI pens if needed, should remain in school. 


Children will come in the green side gates and enter the gate near their classroom. For the first term parents are able to drop off at the gates outside the classroom, however we do encourage you to leave them at the main side gate and for your child to walk to their class if they are able (staff are outside to ensure their safe arrival). 


To ensure that your child is ready for school we have attached the Derbyshire County Councils 10 keys leaflet so that you can begin to see the expectations of where your child should ideally be when starting school to make their transition easier.

Key areas to work on are:

  • using a knife and fork as we encourage children to cut up their own food at lunch time
  • being able to zip up their own coat - we encourage them to do their own or help a partner to do theirs
  • being confident using the toilet - we do have smaller toilets and spare clothes in case of any accidents


In our reading section below you will also see our Read,Write,Inc cards. Please read the section below on helping your child to form letters in their name.

In school we use Read, Write Inc with our children. They are assessed then put into the suitable phonics group for their ability. This may be mixed with children from another year group. Below are the Set 1 sounds that your child will initially learn. This has a mneumonic with it to help them to remember how to form the letter. 


You could use these to help your child to write their name, for example, if your child's name is Jack, then you could help them by saying.... 


j - down his body, curl and dot

a - around the apple, down the leaf

c - curl around the caterpillar

k - down the kangaroo's body, tail and leg