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Reception intake 2020

Hello and welcome to Dovedale Primary School! We are aware that this is not quite the start you imagined for your little one, so we are going to do everything we can to help you and your child settle into our school.

On this page you will find updates about transition days and other information you may find useful before joining us full time in September.


You will find information about school uniform and PE kit on our website. We have directed you to the correct place further down this page. With regards to book bags, your child will receive their book bag a few weeks into school once we have read with all of the children and given them books and a reading diary to record home reading in. Toys, pencil cases etc are all to be kept at home as we have these available in school.


We will provide a welcome pack on the morning within the final week of August however we aim to get a digital copy onto this page ASAP! 

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Picture 1

After a lot of thought and discussion the decision has been made to alter the start date of your child starting school to give them the best possible experience of meeting their new teacher, looking at their classroom and meeting friends, new and old. 


Your child will now officially start school for their first full day on Monday 7th September 2020. 


On Friday 4th September 2020 from 9:30am - 11:15am, we would like you to drop your child in school for time to settle in with their new class and teacher, explore their environment and complete an activity to display in their classroom.


At some point during the last week of August (DATES AND TIMES TO BE CONFIRMED ASAP) we are going to invite you and your child into school for an official welcome meeting. This will allow you to formally be introduced to staff and offer opportunities for any questions to be answered. 

After this you will then go to your child's classroom where you can look around, help them to find their tray, coat peg, water bottle station etc so that when they come in on the Friday they know where they can put their belongings. 


One morning will be for Miss Hutchinson's class and one morning will be for Mrs Norton's class. You will receive the date to attend via text message. 


Thank you for your understanding during what should be (and hopefully still is) an exciting time for you and your child. This is not a 'normal' transition for your child but we are doing our best to ensure a smooth introduction and welcome you to our school! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask using the email provided on this class page.



Picture 1
Picture 1

Hello, as we have not been able to meet your child face to face before we start, we are asking for you to email us a picture of your child. This picture we can then use to remember your child's face and also use for specific displays around the classroom. This picture will follow the GDPR guidelines and will only ever appear next to their first name within the Reception area. If you send us a picture this is what you agree for us to do. It will not appear on the website or in any other publication materials. We hope to see some of your faces soon! If you choose to do this could you put your child's first name and initial as there are a few children this year with the same name. Please send it to 


Thank you


Mrs Norton and Miss Hutchinson. 

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We hope you are all ok and that this page is helping to answer some questions and put you a little more at ease.

Please can you make sure all of the paperwork is returned to school as soon as possible if you haven't already.

We are currently trying to visit, call or zoom your child's nursery to find out more about them. The information you provide, along with talking to their current teachers, enables us to sort your child into a class with friends and needs so they get the best possible start with us in school. 


We have been made aware that some nurseries remain closed at the moment. Do not panic! We are not going to finalise classes until we have spoken to everyone. If there are any questions that you feel you need to ask or there is any other extra information that you feel needs to be included on the webpage, please email me on: 


I am on maternity leave at the moment but I am in school once a week and can get emails at home therefore will do my best to answer within 3 working days. 


Thank you


Mrs Norton 

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Please see the parents tab on the homepage, under the heading 'The school day' for uniform guidance. We have been contacted by Clarkes in Long Eaton and they have said if you wish to get shoes from them please book an appointment online to avoid waiting times. This is in line with the Covid-19 guidance. As you will understand they are very busy at this time. 

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Please find below information regarding school meals for your child. Once you have read the information, if your child has a specific diet or allergy,  you may want to download the blank document to print and send it into school with details of your child's needs. This will then inform catering and lunchtime staff and make them aware of your child when serving them their lunch. 




Hello!  I am Mrs Norton and I will be EYFS Lead in September and a class teacher. I will be in school Tuesday – Friday, with  Miss Martin covering the class on a Monday and Tuesday.  I am looking forward to helping your little one grow over the year and am excited to make memories with them that they will cherish forever as their first year of school.

INTERESTING FACT: I have driven a sub-scooter under the sea where I held a sea sponge and fed fish from my hand.  

Hello! I am Miss Hutchinson and I am a class teacher in EYFS. I am so excited to meet you all.


INTERESTING FACT: Since I was a child, I have always loved whales and dolphins! I was really lucky to see a Humpback whale in Canada and then I got to swim with dolphins in New Zealand, which was just a dream come true.

Hello I am Miss Martin. I will be in Mrs Norton’s class on a Monday and Tuesday and Miss Hutchinson’s class every other Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and getting to know you.

INTERESTING  FACT: I enjoy singing and playing the piano. I have a little dog called Basil.

Class names have been decided...


Will you be in Elephant class or Polar Bear Class?

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Picture 2


We have tried to do a tour of the EYFS learning environment, however due to the current Covid-19 learning environment, this appears a little daunting. For now, please have a look out how our classrooms looked previously to give you an idea of the learning areas that your child will be able to access. We will get a tour of the classrooms ready to show you where the toilets, cloakrooms, outdoor space and hand-washing  areas are. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1



Over the next few weeks you will find some links and activities below that you can do with your child to help get off to a flying start in September. These will help your child to recognise and form letters and numbers and holding a pencil correctly. 

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Derbyshire County Council has produced a 10 steps of readiness leaflet for your child to making transition into school life a little easier. There is also a more child friendly version available. Both of these are good indicators on what your child can work towards now, to help them in their first few weeks and months back in school. Please see below for both versions. 

Picture 1
Picture 1

We have had some emails to ask which reading scheme we use within school. We use Oxford Reading Tree. They start as picture books and gradually adding consonant-vowel-consonant words such as sat, pat, tin etc to them. Children should aim to recognise the letters individually, then blend them together to form the word. We have been looking online and at the moment Oxford Reading Tree have got a free sign up where you can log in and read some of their books for free. The link is below if you wish to do this! I was informed that there was an issue with the Free ebook link below. I have hopefully solved the problem. Fingers crossed!

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Picture 2

Keep an eye out here for stories read to the children by the EYFS teachers to familiarise your child with them ready for September. 

Keep an eye out here for updates regarding this and other key information.



We are currently gathering everyone's information to try and organise a zoom meeting for individual or small groups based on your child's nurseries.


Hopefully you have received text messages to welcome you to our text service and direct you to this page. This has been used from information you gave us. If you have not received any please get in touch. 



Monday 7th September 8:50am - 3:15pm