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Reception intake 2021


Dovedale Primary School Virtual Tour

Here is a virtual tour of our school for reception intake 2021.

Dovedale Primary School, EYFS Virtual Tour

Here is a virtual tour of our EYFS classroom provision for intake 2021.

A letter to prospective parents 2021


Hello!  I am Mrs Norton and I will be EYFS Lead in September and a class teacher. I will be in school Tuesday – Friday, with  Miss Martin covering the class on a Monday and Tuesday.  I am looking forward to helping your little one grow over the year and am excited to make memories with them that they will cherish forever as their first year of school.

INTERESTING FACT: I have driven a sub-scooter under the sea where I held a sea sponge and fed fish from my hand.  

Hello! I am Miss Hutchinson and I am a class teacher in EYFS. I am so excited to meet you all.


INTERESTING FACT: Since I was a child, I have always loved whales and dolphins! I was really lucky to see a Humpback whale in Canada and then I got to swim with dolphins in New Zealand, which was just a dream come true.

Hello I am Miss Martin. I will be in Mrs Norton’s class on a Monday and Tuesday and Miss Hutchinson’s class every other Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing you all soon and getting to know you.

INTERESTING  FACT: I enjoy singing and playing the piano. I have a little dog called Basil.


We have tried to do a tour of the EYFS learning environment, however due to the current Covid-19 learning environment, this appears a little daunting. For now, please have a look out how our classrooms looked previously to give you an idea of the learning areas that your child will be able to access. We will get a tour of the classrooms ready to show you where the toilets, cloakrooms, outdoor space and hand-washing  areas are. 

Derbyshire County Council has produced a 10 steps of readiness leaflet for your child to making transition into school life a little easier. There is also a more child friendly version available. Both of these are good indicators on what your child can work towards now, to help them in their first few weeks and months back in school. Please see below for both versions. 

We have had some emails to ask which reading scheme we use within school. We use Oxford Reading Tree. They start as picture books and gradually adding consonant-vowel-consonant words such as sat, pat, tin etc to them. Children should aim to recognise the letters individually, then blend them together to form the word. We have been looking online and at the moment Oxford Reading Tree have got a free sign up where you can log in and read some of their books for free. The link is below if you wish to do this! I was informed that there was an issue with the Free ebook link below. I have hopefully solved the problem. Fingers crossed!