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This week is the National World Mental Health week and in school we will be thinking about how to look after our own and others mental health.



Teaching & Learning:

Write the words mental health down on a piece of paper and mind map what this words mean to you.


Look at an outline of a child and/or adult. If we were thinking about someone's mental health, which part of their body are we referring to? Discuss how this often links to our mind/brain or the feelings we have inside. On the template write words around the outline to show physical health (bruises, chicken pox, graze) and words on the inside to show mental health (anxious, worried, exhausted). 


Use this as an opportunity to discuss how our mental health is equally as important as our physical health as it effects our day to day lives and how we can see things.


Work through the Mental Health PowerPoint. To support with this you might want to read the PowerPiint scrip to learn a little bit more about what this means.


Your task:

Activity 1 - Remember when we think about mental health, a trigger can often be how we see ourselves. Use the mirrored template to draw/write/label anything that you see or think about yourself. Remember to be kind - often its our own words/thoughts or feelings about ourselves that can hurt the most!


Activity 2 - Think about how you deal with stress and challenging times. How does your mind react? How does your body react?


Activity 3 - Design a poster or leaflet which shares the importance of positive mental health with others!