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 PSCHE Task Explanation:



Write the word ‘health’ on a piece of paper and describe what health is all about. Use Google to help you find a definition of health, ensuring it includes the words physical and mental healthout.


Work through the PowerPoint to focus on what a healthy lifestyle refers to. Use the video links to reiterate knowledge. What is a healthy lifestyle? - BBC Bitesize and Why is a healthy lifestyle important? - BBC Bitesize. Throughout your teaching draw attention to the fact that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of things – it cannot be all of one thing and nothing of another, instead we must aim to be active, with a balance of physical activity and rest, we must aim to eat healthy with some treats along the way, we should try to get as much sleep as possible to recuperate and rebuild energy levels and finally we must take care of our dental health and our personal hygiene.


Your task:


1 star – children to use the scaffolded sheet to fill in the gaps.

1/2 star – children to use the scaffolded sheet to help with sentence structure and ideas but to complete in books.

2 star – children to create a detailed paragraph summarising the terms healthy and unhealthy.

3 star – As above with 2 star pupils however to provide examples of healthy lifestyle habits and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Once complete, extend onto thinking about the benefits and challenges of keeping healthy – for example what is the benefit/challenge of exercise? Sleep/rest? Balanced diet?