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In music, we are learning to play a new piece of music called, "Let's work it out together." 


Please listen to another piece of music (Please be kind) and clap or move to the pulse provided by the beat.


Can you identify the pitch and rhythm of this song?


Task 1. Listen to the pop music below and with your hand, show the shape of the melod by rising your hand when the pitch goes higher and lowering your hand when the pitch goes lower.


The rhythm relates to the short and long sounds that are played in the music.  Often these note lengths are based on the lyrics (words sung) in the the music.  The rhythm is very choppy which is called staccato.


Please be kind - listening exercise

Task 2. Compose a short melody.


When we compose, we record what notes we are going to play so we can play them again and again.


Use the grid attached to record the order and frequency that you would like to play notes C D and E.  Also, thing about whether you'll hold the note for 1 beat, 2 beats and for the full 4 beats of the bar.

  When you improvise you can play a choice of notes on the spot, without the notes being written down. 

Use the notes C D and E first.  When you get really confident you can use notes G and A too.


crotchets 𝅘𝅥 (lasts 1 beat)

minims𝅗𝅥 (lasts 2 beats)

semibreves (lasts 4 beats)


Remember you can play the notes in any order, repeat them when you wish, and play the notes for the length of time that you want to.   Tip: make your composed melody simple with repetition.


If you have an instrument you might like to play the notes on this. 

You could also practise online using a virtual keyboard on the website below:

Let's work it out together - composition exercise