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In music, we are learning to play along to the piece of music called, "Home is where the heart is." 


Please listen to the music and clap or move to the pulse provided by the beat.


Can you identify the tempo of this song?


The tempo relates to the speed of the beats in the music.  Which of the following would you choose to describe the tempo?

  • fast tempo
  • steady tempo
  • slow tempo


Improvise with the chorus of the song.  When you improvise you can play a choice of notes on the spot, without the notes being written down. 

Use the notes C D and E first.  When you get really confident you can use notes G and A too.


Remember you can play the notes in any order, repeat them when you wish, and play the notes for the length of time that you want to. 


If you have an instrument you might like to play the notes on this. 

You could also practise online using a virtual keyboard on the website below:

Home is where the heart is.mp3

slower tempo.mp3

steady tempo.mp3