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Mrs Houseman updates for children

REACH assembly 6 May 2021

REACH assembly 30 April 2021

REACH assembly 26th March 2021

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Reach Assembly - 19 March 2021

Hello From Mrs Houseman

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Remembrance Day Showcase

All year groups have been remembering those who served during the war to provide us with freedom and a better life. The children created diary entries, poems and artwork to share with you. At Dovedale, we will always remember them!

REACH 16.10.2020

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REACH 9.10.2020

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REACH 2nd October 2020

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REACH assembly 25th September 2020

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Moving on - Leavers assembly, 21 July 2020

REACH Assembly 17 July 2020

Jack has had fun with his art project this week. He has created some great pop art and used an app to turn himself in to a pop art masterpiece! Great work Jack I love it.

An assembly on Inspirational British Sporting Heroes

Evie and Lorelei had their own sports day, complete with stickers and medals. They had all sorts of races, including the sack race, target throw and even the 'after eight' challenge, where you have to get an after eight from your forehead, into your mouth, without using your hands which sounds like a race I would love!. Well done girls you're definitely winners!

Harry and Rhys had a fun homeschooling trip including a picnic in the car!

REACH Assembly 10 July 2020

Rail Safety


Two videos for you today about rail safety.



We are unbelievably proud to announce that Hannah has passed her audition for the Royal School of Ballet and will start her weekly training on the Junior Associate course in September. The Royal ballet is a prestigious school which only takes the best so Hannah clearly deserves all the praise and recognition for this achievement. Well done Hannah we are very proud of you!

Fire Safety assembly.

Final fire safety assembly.mp4

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REACH Assembly 3 July 2020

Important message from Mrs Houseman

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Harry has completed his Canada day artwork! What a brilliant piece of work it is Harry, well done!

Road safety, expect the unexpected!

REACH Assembly 26 June 2020

Fantasic Mr Fox Chapters 14 - 18

Fantastic Mr Fox Chapters 11 - 13

Lorelei has written her first diary entry as Captain Scott. What great use of language and expression. Well done!

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Oscar W has come up with a brilliant way of practising his Spanish. I love this idea!

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Water safety

Have a safe week

STAnley's Water Safety Code of Advice for children

Check out STAnley's Water Safety Code of advice video to help educate children how to stay water safe. STAnley is STA's friendly water safety mascot. The wat...

REACH Assembly 19 June 2020

I just love Megan's colourful picture. Great artistic skills there Megan. I love the hair colour too!

Jack has been out and about enjoying all things natural. He particularly enjoyed seeing all the baby frogs at Attenborough nature reserve!

An assembly by Miss Martin

Grace Darling 2.mp4

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A story by our EYFS and year 1 key worker children about a naughty elephant.

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REACH Assembly 12 June 2020

Fantastic Mr Fox Chapters 6 - 10

Respect assembly

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An assembly talking about respect and how this relates to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Coming back to school in a bubble

An audio recording of a short book to help 3-7 year old children back to school in their new covid-safe environments. Download the book here

Bertie has been super busy during lock down. From being a super hero to serious writing he has been a lock down star. Bertie has helped with his siblings, teaching them new games, enjoyed crafting and I love that mosaic! Well done Bertie!

Speak out. Stay safe. Virtual Assembly

Welcome to our virtual 'Speak out. Stay Safe.' assembly! This session will be led by the wonderful Sally from our Schools Service, and features special guest...

While we can't hug.


A little story for our younger children.



Fantastic Mr Fox: Chapters 1-5

REACH Assembly 5 June 2020

Ethan and Elijah have been showing real respect by litter picking. Good to see Paw patrol helping out too! Well done boys what a lovely idea.

Amelia and Abigail are selling the tomato plants they have grown. Brilliant enterprise girls. I'll definitely have one if there are any left!

Greece class created their own special video for you too enjoy!

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REACH Assembly 22 May 2020

A little walk round school.

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Jack J has made a super canvas for his room remembering the better bits from this lockdown. I love this Jack. I could do with some art for my office so I may print it out.

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 10

Archie has been busy baking, drawing and writing this week. Look at that sunflower grow! Archie has been his usual happy self throughout all this.Its lovely to see your smily face Archie and I love your shirt too!

Oscar and Isaac demonstrating how practice makes perfect! Great timing boys. ( lessons with Adam from Drumba)

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Jonah has had the exciting addition of a new baby brother! Congratulations all! Jonah chose Tobias for his brother's name-a lovely choice Jonah. He has been really helpful in settling him in whilst keeping up with his work. Look at that fantastic totem pole painted on to an old tree. What a great idea!

Hello children,


Here is today's REACH Assembly. Well done everybody!


Mrs Houseman

Sammy has created a fantastic S for Sammy and Spain class out of chia seeds. Brilliant work Sammy. I love it!

Strong Minds Assembly

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Megan wrote her own story using the globe. Brilliant work Megan, lovely writing and beautifully presented! I can see you tried really hard I'm very proud.of you.

Thomas' grass head has grown as long as Thomas' own lockdown hair! I love it Thomas and I can see that you do too!

Shannon made some great bunting for VE day. Well done Shannon I love it!

Mrs Sedgewick hopes you all had a lovely VE day. On her street they all came out ( at a safe distance) and had a lovely cup of tea.

Oscar has a very proud mummy as he has been working independently, trying really hard and helping his little brother.Well done Oscar we are super proud of you too!

Frankie and Imogen celebrated VE day in style, making paper crafts to decorate and researching their family history. Well done girls!

REACH Assembly

Oliver M has really enjoyed the Europe topic. Look at his amazing Stone Henge model.

Mrs Gunnell has made a VE scarecrow.

Happy VE day from Harrison.

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This is Me

A little hello! I hope you all sing along!

Ryan has been working hard on the Europe topic. He has made a fantastic cardboard Big Ben as well as learning about Eurovision. Ryan has also been investigating sound-look at that brilliant diagram.

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 9

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 8

Look at Heidi go! She has completely mastered turning corners whilst looking glamorous. Well done Heidi-very proud of you.

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Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 7

Watch this amazing video by lily with help from Darcy and Daddy. It certainly isn't boring! Great editing skills there Lily.

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Jack and Elsie have been up to some great projects, I'm impressed with your planting! Thank you for sharing your fun with us.

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 6

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 5

Here is my scarecrow!

Noah and Ava have been really creative making bubble paint pictures -what a great idea!

Evie and Lorelei's pictures really put a smile on my face this morning. They have been having lots of fun and keeping very busy. I love the face paint!

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 4

Ethan and Logan have made good use of bottle tops making a game with prizes and forfeits. Well done boys very resourceful!

Isla (EYFS) has been busy exploring her new plants topic. Look at her lovely pictures.

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 3

On my walk this morning I spotted 35 scarecrows on the street near my house. Tomorrow me and my daughter are going to make 1 to put outside ready for the NHS clap on Thursday. I'll let you see the result when it's finished. If you want to make a Dovedale scarecrow please send me the pictures and I'll post them on here.

Spain class are doing 3d shapes this week and Sammy has made a 3d dog. Amazing knowledge of shapes there Sammy and great building skills too.

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Emmie and Dominic have been have having loads of fun playing games, dressing up and keeping fit on their new trampoline. I love to see how you are playing games together.

Xavier, Theo and Austin have been busy getting up to all sorts of activities. Lovely to see you helping to clean the drive. Maybe you can do mine! Lovely street art too. Well done for demonstrating our Respect value.

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 2

Pippi Longstocking - Chapter 1

Hello Children! 

I am going to be uploading the story of Pippi Longstocking read by me for you to listen to over the next few days. I will do a new upload each day. I hope you enjoy her silly antics as much as I do. Happy listening.

Molly and Sophie took to the garden to make this brilliant den. Why not give this a go! Well done girls.

Harry from class GB has been super busy. Lots of exercise and outdoor activities including a garden obstacle course; birthday dinosaur digs and just look at that house painting. Well done Harry!

Megan shows off her cycling proficiency. Well done Megan.

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Charlie showing us how it's done! Great skateboarding skills!

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Catherine and James have made their feelings tree. Their trees make me feel happy! (loving the sunglasses too Catherine.)

I am so impressed with Finley's creations as part of the Beaver's 31 day lego challenge.Spot the playground, cinema, shark enclosure and island dream house! Great to see your smiley face too!

I think I have some serious competition on the hula hooping front! I better start practicing some tricks. Super skills Heidi!

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Nahla and Brodie have been up to all sorts of activities. I am happy to see that you are making the most of the sunshine! I also hear they have been making cards for their teachers, what a lovely thought.

Megan has been busy making flowers from different materials. Aren't they lovely!

Look at Thomas' grass head man! And look at Thomas' lovely smiley face! Well done Thomas.

Meghan has drawn a brilliant bee. A young artist indeed.

Charlie has been busy doing his school work and then getting really creative in the afternoons. Well done Charlie!

Abigail has learnt to ride her bike. Well done Abigail!

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Getting dizzy!

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Darcey has been doing her daily exercise on her trampoline! Look at that den, it looks like a special place to hide.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to Rhys! Have a lovely birthday Rhys. I love Horrid Henry too!

Harvey has made a lovely feelings tree. It certainly made me feel happy! And look at those sunflowers! Well done Harvey.

Amelia and Samuel have been on a nature hunt and recorded everything they saw. Amelia has also made a delicious looking bolognese. Well done you two!

Heidi has been busy gardening, making Easter chicks and doing all her school work with her teddies as her classmates. Well done Heidi for making us smile!

A message for you!

Alex and Charlie have been getting out and about on their bikes and have spotted some painted rocks. They've also fed the swans and seen some very cute baby ducks!

A huge thank you to Olivia and Harry for attaching this to the school fence. We feel very thankful!

Oakly has been working hard on achieving his Beaver's challenge badges. Setting up the beds and tent, you certainly look cosy Oakly and those Marshmallows look yummy!

Hannah and Ethan were super brave camping out for 2 nights!! They have also been working hard on school activities and dance and swimming conditioning exercises!

We have received a lovely thank you from Radford road police station for the pictures that the children sent in to brighten up their workplace. We are thankful for all the work they do! Here are some photos of the pictures at the police station.

Ellie and Jack showed they care by making 31 handmade Easter messages for their neighbors. We are so proud of you both and we know your neighbors will always remember your kindness.

Willow with her brilliant hair and brilliant bonnet has also been practicing her times tables and crafting. Loving the new look Willow.

Willow completing the Erewash Valley gymnastic toilet roll challenge. Well done Willow!

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Oscar ( year 1) and Archie (EYFS) have been keeping very busy. Lovely to see those smiles!

Jessica making lovely plate designs and chalk drawings ( I also think the tooth fairy has been very busy in Jessica's house.)

Savannah and Anastasia have been getting busy with the lego and very impressive 3d models. I am impressed girls!

Message for you!

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Owl treasure hunt!

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Miss Martin gave me some directions to find an owl-nesting in a tree in the park over our road.

Wild goose chase

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Lucan made a fabulous cake - serious skills there Lucan, and I can spot a rainbow too!

Today the deer were all out to play at Wollaton park today.

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Spotted on Treetops Hospice facebook page

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The key worker children in school sent letters.

Ethan and Logan have made milk bottle birds. Good job boys!

Do you remember we planted the courgettes right at the beginning. Well we finally have a little shoot!

Aidan's bounce challenge. I might just give this a go!

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Poppy has been super busy; playing the piano and guitar doing division and looking at animal categories. She has designed Easter cakes and done all sorts of exercise. Well done Poppy! And can you spot Poppy's new little brother, Arthur? Congratulations to all the family.

Harry and Thomas in their chef's whites making banana bread. Using maths skills and having fun!

Lacie's beautiful handwork, completed independently. Very talented and very creative.

Jack showing us his cycling skills.

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Jack working really hard and getting back on his bike. Super well done Jack- really lovely to see what you've been getting up to!

Alex and Charlie showing Dovedalian Respect. Thank you boys!

Pearl and Finan planting some veg in a raised bed they have made! That is very impressive. Happy to hear they are doing lots of activities that they wouldn't get to do in school!

Darcy making Easter cards for her family. Lovely work Darcy!

Ellie-Mae has been super busy! PE with Joe and dad! Maths ( great work!) dinosaurs and hot tubs.

Daily exercise at Wollaton hall.

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A little tour round the school this morning.

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Cameron's ( year 3) brilliant poem! I think this spell could cure quite a few things!!

Gracie and Elsa-achieving our Respect value. Making cakes and delivering to elderly neighbours and a midwife. Lovely thought girls!

Martha doing some baking! Looks delicious!

Lucie and Jaymes have been busy in the garden, doing PE with Joe, satellite hunting and star gazing!

Oliver doing his science work! Well done Oliver I can see you've really been thinking about this task!

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Catherine and James making cheese scones; they do look pleased with the results and so they should! I'm assuming mine is in the post!

Virtual Zoo day at Chester Zoo today. Go on Chester zoos' facebook page to see all the animals!

Elliot having hot chocolate waiting to do the NHS clap, sitting by the fire and a little bit of star gazing!

Harry and Olivia feeding the birds, planting vegetables and enjoying the hot tub! Lovely times!

Look at this amazing rainbow that has appeared on my office window - hands of the children in school put together by Miss Haywood and Mrs Gunnell. What a beautiful idea!

Connor has made an amazing shield based on his favourite Beast Quest books! Brilliant work Connor very inventive! Connor has also been making treasure maps with his brother, I wonder what treasure they have found?

Frankie and Imogen inspired by Miss Aldis' daily challenge. What a brilliant banner-hitting our Respect value!

Lottie and Jess playing cluedo-great investigative skills work girls!

Clarissa does some bike riding and pond dipping with her dog Lexi! They found 2 frogs and 2 fish! That water looks cold Clarissa!

Oliver year (year 4) completing the science cooking task set by Mr Almeida-helped by Jamie (year 1.) That cake looks delicious!

Anastasia being bouncy!

Harry and Rhys getting serious with their off site learning! Check out the concentration tongue!

Eva getting some fresh air whilst doing her homework and gymnastics with her puppy!

Isla (EYFS) and little sister Edie getting creative-what a great idea!

Oscar and Issac -bleep test training and football skills training! Well done boys- hitting our healthy REACH target!

Miss Mercer and Jennifer keeping healthy!

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Miss Aldis IS Spiderman!

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Lots of staff are on the Jo Wicks PE this morning, standby for more videos.

Emily ( year 4) and Lucy (year 1) showing us how to be super active! Today they have done PE with Jo Wickes, Yoga, skipping and school work! Brilliant work girls!

The news is out! Ryan IS Banksy!

Alex ( year 1) getting his exercise this morning with his brother Ben. Keep being Healthy!

1 daily outdoor exercise

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Rylee in year 4-sending positivity, missing all his friends! Thank you Rylee!

A little bit of planting.

Still image for this video
Planting some courgettes and butternut squash.

Good morning children,

I know some of you are in school but most are at home and I thought I would just use this space to keep in touch.

I am hoping to share some videos of things I am getting up to and also read you some of my favourite children's books, do some assemblys.

I would love to know how you are all getting on too so I am going to set up a special school email so that your grown ups can send me some updates as to what you've been up to with pictures if they want to share them. I can then share these on here for your friends to see. I'll let you know what this is later.

I hope you are all being super good and helpful at home and getting on with your learning online. Remember our respect value and I will be back soon!

Email address for sharing what you are doing is