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Monday 9th November

Count, read and write numbers forwards in numerals and words.  

Use the link above. Say a random number and ask your child to start counting forwards from that number. Repeat for a few different numbers. Ask your child What happens when we count up? Do the numbers get bigger or smaller? How many more do we add on each time we move up a square?


Ask your child to complete one set of the number tracks to practise counting forwards in numerals and words. You could choose either 1 star (numbers within 10), 2 star (numbers within 20) or 3 star (numbers within 50) for them to complete depending on their confidence. 



Weekend Writing!


Write about something that you did over the weekend. It could be about anything at all. A walk that you went on, a cosy day in, a game you played, a yummy meal you made and ate, baking etc. 
Remember your basic writing skills - capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing on the line, phonics knowledge and form your letters correctly!

Choose a football activity from the Derbyshire School Games activity pack.