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Monday 9/11/20

Monday 09 November 


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

Choose the level most appropriate to your child's reading ability.

Yellow / Blue book band: Stop Telling Fibs! (choose the 1* questions)

Green / Orange book band: Stop Telling Fibs! (choose 3* questions)

Turquoise / Purple / Accelerated Reader 1.5-2.5: The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse (choose 2* text and questions)

Accelerated Reader 2.6 +: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (choose 3* text and questions)


Start from the Paper 1(L) addition and subtraction test and then move on to papers 2(M), 3(M) and 4(H). You don't have to do all the papers if you find them too hard.


In our last history lesson we learned about cars and transport in the 1960's.  This lesson is about the significant event of the M1 opening. The M1 was first opened in 1959, but the section near us was opened in 1966.  Look through the powerpoint which shows some of the things that would have needed to be considered during the development of the M1 (slide 1) .  Continue to slide 2 to learn about the impact that it had on the local environment.  Slide 3 explains the benefits of having the M1. 

Complete the worksheet considering how the opening of the M1 would have changed the lives of these groups of people.