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Monday 7th December

This week in school would be continuing with our assessments in English and Maths so we are providing a range of practice materials for your child to engage with. Do not worry that your child is missing the rest of their assessments, we will catch up on these once they return.


Lessons today are: 


Maths - Place Value practice

Tackle the two mini assessments to keep your place value skills up to date.


English - Writing a narrative/story. Look at the picture stimulus' below and decide which one you would like to write a story about. Discuss the picture in detail, thinking about the following:

1. What can you see? (characters)

2. Where are the characters? (setting)

3. What are the characters doing in that particular setting? (detail)

4. What goes wrong/happens? (problem)

5. How is the problem fixed? (resolution)

6. How does the story end? (feelings and emotions)


Thinking about the ideas from your plan, can you write your own story? Remember to use description for both characters and the setting and try and include some speech.


Phonics - Use Acorn Adventure on Phonics Play to engage with alternative pronunciations of the 'u' grapheme. Read words plug, hump, but, gust, under, unit, unicorn, music, tuba, stupid, pull, bull, pudding, full, awful and then begin sorting them based on the sound they make.


RE -  Explore how Hindu's show their faith to through aarti and bhajans. Research what is meant by these two traditions and write a detailed paragraph about the role of these traditions within Hinduism.


If you would like to do additional activities you could:

Read your book to an adult.

Practise spellings on Spelling Shed

Times tables practise using TTRockStars

Phonics games on Phonics Play website.