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Monday 4th January


For the next 2 weeks, the children will be focusing on writing narratives (stories). The children are starting off with a 'COLD WRITE'. This is a 'free' write with very little input from the teacher and a chance for the children to write whatever they would like!


Show your child the picture of a key and a jungle. Tell your child that they are going to write a story based on the pictures. Explain that anything can happen in their story as long as it includes a key and a jungle. You could ask them some of the questions below to start to generate ideas e.g. 

What could happen in the story?

Who is in your story?

Should we come up with a character?

Will there be a problem?

Will the problem be solved?


Remind your child of the basic writing skills: finger spaces, writing on the line, forming letters correctly, full stops, capital letters and using their phonics sounds. 


Ask your child to write their story in their home learning book.


Choose one of the activities on the document below.