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To recall number bonds to 10. 


Rapid recall of number bonds to 10. Say a number, can your child tell you what goes with that number to make 10? E.g I say 7, you say 3.  Can you ask them to say them in a whisper voice/loud voice/squeaky voice/deep voice etc. Play the making 10 game on the link.

Set up 4 different number bonds to 10 activities for your child to complete.

Activity 1 - make a number bonds to 10 rainbow. Colour the rainbow to find the pairs. Complete the number sentences.

Activity 2 - number bonds to 10 bus game.

Activity 3 - number bonds to 10 dominos. This encompasses using numbers as words and pictures to support recognition. You may need to flip some upside down! 

Activity 4 - children to complete number bonds to 10 part whole models and bar models



H1: Begin to form lower case letters in correct directions, starting and finishing in the correct place.


Recap the ‘non -negotiable’ writing skills we know - I.e. writing on the line, finger spaces etc... Introduce that today we are focusing on ensuring our letters are formed correctly with some handwriting practice. Share the poster in the file of the curly caterpillar letters.


Begin warming up using the Handwriting activities.


Ask your child to practise forming each of the curly caterpillar letters. Ensure they are starting/finishing in the correct place and that their letters are the correct size. You may decide to ask your child to practise forming the letter with their finger in a tray of flour, icing sugar, sand etc or using paint or water on the ground outdside with a paintbrush before getting them to . Now ask them to practise the corresponding capital letters.