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Monday 2nd November

To identify numbers represented in different ways.

Print out the number cards and ask your child to cut them up to help them to practise their cutting skills. Once they have been cut out, muddle them up. Ask your child to work out what number is shown on each card and put them into number piles.

Depending on your child’s confidence you could just use some of the cards.
1 star – number cards from 1-10
2 star – number cards 11-20
3 star – number cards 11-20 and a challenge to make 2 of their own cards for each number with different pictures/representations. This could be done by drawing shapes, finding the right amount of objects etc.

If you don’t have access to a printer, your children could draw the representations, draw a tally, write each number in numerals and words, show the number on their fingers, find that may objects from around the house etc.



Half Term Writing! 

Write about something that you did over half term. It could be about anything at all. Halloween, pumpkin carving, a day out, a cosy day in, a game you played etc. 
Remember your basic writing skills - capital letters, full stops, finger spaces, writing on the line, phonics knowledge and form your letters correctly!

Choose a football activity from the Derbyshire School Games activity pack.