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Monday 27th June



Watch and sing Numberblocks, 'Ten Green Bottles sitting on a wall' (see below). Ask your child to represent the song with their fingers. What is happening each time a bottle is subtracted? 

How many are left each time? 


Using some objects, create some subtraction number problems and draw the pictures.

Eg. I bought 8 apples from the shop and I eat 3 of them. How many are left? 

Discuss that you can cross them off to to help us subtract (cross off 3 apple drawings). 

What would this look like in a number sentence?  8-3 = 


Then using the number line below, how could we use this to work out this problem?  Discuss how you do jump backwards. 


Create different number problems together to practise this. 



Complete the subtraction activity below to practise crossing out and using a number line. 

Understanding the World 


What are Firefighters? How do they help us? What do they do?

Watch video below and discuss these questions? 


How do they put out fires? Watch additional video to see if you were right! 



Make a poster to tell someone about firefighters and how they help us! Use pictures and labels.