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Maths - Today we are converting cm and m. Take a look at the document, which shows different slides to work through recognising the relationship between cm and m. Then on the last page there are three lists of questions (hard, harder, hardest) to choose one list to convert cm to m and m to cm.


English - Santa has got in touch! He would like us to both invent and advertise a new Christmas invention. The problem is... his persuasive writing elves have gone off sick with elfluenza (the flu virus that only effects elves). What a disaster! Go through the Powerpoint that introduces persuasive features. Then write down/draw different invention ideas that could be sold for Christmas. Maybe a super shovel that clears snow? Maybe a new electronic device? Maybe the next must have toy?


Art - Use the picture/s of the school building (will add up by Monday afternoon) and have a go at drawing it. Sketch the outline and then use the textures we have practised in class to add some shading.