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Monday 23/11/20

Monday 23rd November 


Literacy - Reading Comprehension

Choose the level most appropriate to your child's reading ability.

Yellow / Blue book band: The Lion and the Mouse (choose the 1* text and questions)

Green / Orange book band: The Lion and the Mouse  (choose 2* text and questions)

Turquoise / Purple / Accelerated Reader 1.5-2.5: Deep Sea Explorers (choose 2* text and questions)

Accelerated Reader 2.6 +: Deep Sea Explorers (choose 3* text and questions)


We are going to do some more work on commutativity and understand that multiplication of 2 numbers can be done in any order. Try and solve the worksheet problems. There are 3 levels. Choose the level that is appropriate for you. Remember to draw arrays and groups to solve the problems.


This week we are learning about some of the changes to the way we live that have happened since the 1960's.  Have a look through the Inventions of the 1960's powerpoint slide show.  Some of the inventions we still use today (but they may look very different) and some are no longer used as things have changed so much. The last 2 slides show pictures of a home in the 1960's and a modern day home. Use the worksheet to make comparisons between the two homes thinking about what they look like, and what they have in them.