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Monday 14th December

Good morning Giraffe class!

The final week of Autumn Term is upon us! Below you will find the breakdown for today's lessons.


English - Writing a narrative/story. Look at the picture stimulus' below and decide which one you would like to write a story about. Discuss the picture in detail, thinking about the following:

1. What can you see? (characters)

2. Where are the characters? (setting)

3. What are the characters doing in that particular setting? (detail)

4. What goes wrong/happens? (problem)

5. How is the problem fixed? (resolution)

6. How does the story end? (feelings and emotions)


Thinking about the ideas from your plan, can you write your own story? Remember to use description for both characters and the setting and try and include some speech.


Maths - Work through the mystery at the Christmas party booklet to put your mathematical skills to the test. Use your knowledge of number and place value and addition and subtraction to solve a range of clues to help solve the mystery. 


Christmas party - This afternoon we are having our Year 3 Christmas party. Choose from a range of party games below and send us some photos of you have fun. You could also decorate your own party hat and show some of your best dancing moves!