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Mr Almeida




In our class we have a total of 30 children, all eager to see what this year brings us. This year we have a huge focus on independence and Mr Almeida will be helping us to become the best children we can be! 



This term our theme for our topic is Transport and Trade. We will be looking through history finding out what different resources were traded with a focus on what means of travel was used to accomplish this. We will focus on the Indus Valley civilisation, delving deep into how they managed to trade without the use of any currencies!


Planners will be checked on a Friday so please feel free to leave a note if you wish. The homework this term will be on Mymaths, TTrockstars, SPaG, Spelling Shed and Reading. Spellings will need to be completed weekly, while the others will be every other week (Children will note down in their planners what homework they will be completing in advance). 


PE kits will need to be in school for Mondays (Indoor) and Thursdays (Outdoor). 


Every 3 weeks both Japan and Germany class will be going head to head in a Times Table Rockstar's competition. Children must use their times table knowledge to score points and compete to be the winning class!


Each week everyone will be given a list of 10 spellings, following a set rule, and these will be tested the following week (usually on the Friday). As a challenge, you could also learn 3 extra words that follow the same rule and spell them correctly for 1 merit! You can practice your spellings using your Spelling Shed login, where the spelling list will added for you to play the game to earn lots of points (points makes prizes).


JAPAN CLASS ASSEMBLY ON THURSDAY 24TH OCTOBER 2019. Looking forward to seeing you all there!






Spelling lists of 10 spellings, following a set rule, will be given out each week and the children will stick them in their school diaries/planners to learn by the following week. However, if you ever miss when they are placed in the diaries or just want to know which lists are coming up please see the attached document with each of the Autumn 1's spelling lists.


Remember 10/10 for spellings will earn you 1 merit, plus if you can learn 3 extra spellings that follow the same spelling rule you can also gain an extra merit (if they are spelt correctly)!


Here are some of the rules coming up:

1. Homophones or near homophones

2. Prefix in-

3. Year 4 statutory words

4. Prefix in-, il-, ir-

5. Prefix sub-

6. Year 4 statutory words

7. Prefix inter-




If you wish to follow what Japan class get up to throughout the year then please make your way to our Class Dojo webpage. If you don't have access, please contact me and I will get your login information to you.


Thank you for visiting!





Year 4 Term 2 Spellings. Children will be tested on 10 randomly every week.

HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)