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In History this week we will be exploring the different inventions that are deemed a significant part of the Victorian era.


Teaching and Learning:

Test your knowledge on the Victorians so far by engaging with the 'starter - flashback quiz.' Here you will find a who wants to be a millionaire style quiz - see how many facts you can remember!


Work through the Victorian Inventions PowerPoint to explore the different inventions created during the Victorian era. For each invention try to remember the following things:

1. Who was the inventor?

2. What date was the invention made?

3. Why was the invention important?

4. How did the invention change life for the Victorians?


Your Task:

1 star - create a fact file explaining the invention of the telephone. Use the scaffolded sheet provided to finish the given sentences.

2 star - choose one of the inventions explored during the lesson and create your own fact file detailing all the interesting facts you found out! You may wish to use the template/outline on the webpage to help you structure your ideas.

3 star - create your own report detailing the inventions from Victorian Britain. Try to include the inventors names, dates and the importance of each invention.


Extension: Create a sales pitch for one of the inventions in the style of Dragons Den.