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This week we will continue looking at the Victorian era in history. Last week you investigated different objects to deduce information about the past. This week we will see whether our predictions were right or wrong!


Teaching and Learning:

Work through the teaching slides to recap last weeks learning on history. Look at the timeline and spot the mistake. Can you unscramble the timeline so the historical events are in the correct order? Remember that the dates give us a clue to help us order things!

Look at a range of pictures either within the teaching slides or from the 'investigating history' attachment. Have a look at each of the objects and remind yourself of your prediction. Once you have refreshed your memory, can you use the names of the objects below to match the image to the name.


Rag-rug making kit

Soap grater Pegs
 Carpet BeaterRolling pin Laundry poncher
 Victorian coinsLaundry tongsCast iron kettle
Butter pats

Wash jug and bowl

 Hot water bottle
Carbolic soapFlat ironCandlestick holder
Paraffin lamp (replica)House keepers costume (replica)



Your Task:

1 Star - Match the picture of the object to the name.

2 Star - Research what each of the item would be used for.

3 Star - Compare the olden day resource to the modern day. What has changed? How have things improved?