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This week in our History lessons we will be focusing on one of the historical periods we plotted on our timelines. Before sharing the period of history, you will be given a range of resources to investigate. What can you deduce about these? What period of history do you think they belong to?



Teaching and Learning:

Work through the teaching slides to recap last weeks learning on history. Look at the timeline and spot the mistake. Can you unscramble the timeline so the historical events are in the correct order? Remember that the dates give us a clue to help us order things!

Look at a range of pictures either within the teaching slides or from the 'investigating history' attachment. Have a look at each of the objects on the screen and discuss what you think these could be used for? Do you think these are objects or items we use today or in the past? What tells us this?


Your task:

1 star - Look closely at the pictures provided. Discuss what you think each object could be used for.

2 star - Use the scaffolded sheet to record your ideas. What do you think each object is called and what could it be used for?

3 star - Research the different objects shown. Unpick what the objects were used for and write detailed sentences to explain this.