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Friday 6th November

Order numbers - Problem Solving


Read the problem below together with your child. Select small items from around your house e.g. cubes, lego bricks, dolls shoes, bobbles, hair clips, paper clips etc to complete the challenge. There will be a large amount of possible answers. The focus on this lesson is problem solving and finding lots of possible solutions whilst not giving up! Record possible solutions by writing the numbers in order. See possible answers.

Depending on your child’s confidence you may choose to do this same problem with different numbers.

1 star – 10 items

2 star – 15 items.

3 star – 20 items.



Reflect on yesterday's ’virtual bonfire’ (or your own real one if you had one!). What are their favourite parts of bonfire night?
What sort of things could/might you be able to smell/taste/hear/see/feel on bonfire night?

Share the ‘Sparks in the sky’ story to add a further example of an experience of a Bonfire Night (resourced below).


Look at the senses sheet resourced and either sort by writing or just discuss where they think each of the words would fit in relation to the 5 senses. Can they add any of their own ideas? (Possibly thinking of nouns/objects such as gloves, fire, sparkler etc...).


Explain that today your child is going to be creating their own 'senses poem' based on bonfire night.
Encourage your child to extend their ideas with adjectives (describing words) and allow them to also use the ideas from the sorting sheet.

Please see the template resourced to help them structure their poem. The stars are to remind them where the adjectives should go. Discuss how they can link two ideas by using the word 'and' in between them.

In class, most children would be expected to write all of the poem and just using the template as a guide but are given the starting and ending sentences (the red ones). 

Once completed, they could decorate the edges of their poem with bonfire pictures if they would like to.



New topic: Materials


Ask your child if they already know anything at all about materials. Hold a discussion around what they already know. Ask your child if they have any questions that they would like to ask about materials.


Give your child 7/8 objects from around the house that are made of different materials (wood, plastic, glass, metal etc.) Ask them hold and feel the items. Can they say what they are made of? Ask your child to record what they think each item is made from in their books. Then, discuss each time and explain what they are made from. Does your child need to change what they have written in their book?


Ask your child to hold each item again and describe how each one feels. Encourage the use of the words: soft, hard, stretchy, stiff, shiny, dull, rough, smooth, bendy, not bendy, waterproof, not waterproof etc.