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Spelling Test

Complete this week's spelling test at home and send your score into Miss Barrett.

Here is the list to test this week:

1. actual

2. actually

3. answer

4. appear

5. bicycle

6. busincess

7. calendar

8. century

9. certain

10. consider



WALT: Apply what learn about using descriptive detail to evoke a setting.

Look back at the planning you completed on Tuesday about the Norman camp and the descriptive words you wrote down. Today, you are going to use your planning to write a top-quality description of this scene. If possible, try and write two pargraphs, one being the 'camera pan' to describe the whole scene and the other 'zoom' into one detail (like we learnt in class last week).


WALT: Identify classification keys to help group and identify a variety of living things in the local area and the wider environment.

Take a look at the Powerpoint slides for today's lesson. Then use the classification key resource outside (if possible) to help you classify some animals you find.

Write down the animals:

  • colour
  • size
  • Where it is living/found
  • Whether it has a fur, feathers or a shell
  • What class is belongs to (use the classification key to support)

If you are unable to look outside, think of some different animals you like and use the classification key to classify them. Write down the animal names and their classification.


Take a look at the Bingo Board for today's Music activity.