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Writing Assessment - Independent Writing


Share the story of Old Bear.


What is your favourite part of the story? Why?


Look at the pictures on the 'Old Bear Writing' activity below. What is happening in each picture? 


Today you are going to write as much as possible of the Old bear story independently, using only the pictures to help you. You can add more detail than the pictures if they want to.


What do you need to include in your writing? Make a list of what you need to remember in your writing (Capital letters, finger spaces, listening to all the sounds, full stops, handwriting, and/because/but and check at the end!). Keep checking the list! 









Practise your one-armed robot letters 'Pp and Nn', both uppercase and lowercase letter. 


Then, practise the zig-zag monster letter 'Vv'. 


Write the following words underneath: Van, pan and nap.