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English 1

1. Complete this week's spelling test.

2. WALT: Use slogans to persuade. Take a look at the Powerpoint and see if you can guess the products from the slogans. Then write down some slogan ideas for your Viking voyage advert.


English 2

WALT: Group information logically using persuasive language and features.

Use the planning completed on Wednesday to support you to write a persuasive advert for a Viking Voyage. Take a look back at the WAGOLL on Tuesday to consider how to structure yours.



WALT: Compare transport acorrs the periods studied.

1. Watch the videos to introduce how the Vikings travelled.

2. Complete the reading comprehension choosing the 1, 2 or 3 star questions.

3. List some similarities and differences for how the Vikings travelled to the Normans.

4. Complete the 4 from before questions about what we have learnt so far.