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Children should put each of the spelling words into a sentence to demonstrate the meaning in context. Try and use a range of different sentence types including:

Subordinate clauses

Relative Clauses

Sentences with a co-ordinating conjunction




Modal verbs


Finally, ask an adult to test you on the spelling words from last week and correct any mistakes you made.

Today, you're going to be a teacher and mark two pieces of writing. One is at the expected standard and one is a greater depth piece of writing.


You should pretend that you're the teacher and find all the good things about the piece of work. Look at both the exp and GD piece. Use the powerpoint slides to help you know what to look for and also use the Y6 writing targets to help you know what to look for. You should write on the pieces of work ( in pink and green if you want!) saying what is good about them and correcting any missing punctuation or spelling errors. 

English Lesson 2

For your writing lesson today, I want you to write a set of instructions about anything at all! It could be how you make a certain food, how to safely look after a pet or even how to tie your shoelace.

Look at the example text for some ideas of what to include in your own set of instructions and try to include other things not just the actual instructions themselves.