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Lesson 1 - Maths - Children should choose the task that they feel is appropriate to them and complete the questions. They should decide what the question is asking them to do and try and work out the different steps they will need to find the answer. Show all your working out and the different steps to get to the answer. You'll need to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to find your answer.


Lesson 2 - Spellings - Children should look through the powerpoint and the spelling word lists. They should complete the wordsearch and handwriting sheet and then write a sentence with each of the spelling words in. They should try and write with a range of sentence types for example a sentence with a simile or a relative clause in.


Lesson 3 - English - Children should use the teaching powerpoint to look at the different aspects of how to uplevel their work. They should work through the tasks there and then choose some of the tasks on the task sheet to work through. The task sheet is 15 pages so choose carefully before you print!



Lesson 4 - Enjoy your weekend and get ready to come back to school on Monday. We've missed you and are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces!