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English 1

1. Complete your spelling test (see PDF document 'Friday slides' - Slide 1). 

2. Complete your handwriting (see PDF document - Slide 2). 


English 2 

WALT: Apply direct speech rules to write a conversation (see PDF document - Slide 3, 4 and 5). 

Using the speech rules we practised on Wednesday, write a conversation between Mr Ellis and Mrs Tibblethwaite. They need to discuss how Sigurd has turned up at the hotel and what to do now he is there. 



WALT: Find patterns between the pitch and volume of a sound and features of the object that produced it. 

Discuss how the size of the objects vibrations will affect the volume and introduce pitch and how the size, length and tightness of the object that is vibrating will affect pitch of the sound it produces. Watch the BBC video clips. 

If possible, experiment with pitch and volume by making sounds using elastic bands stretched over boxes/plastic bottles etc. 



Today's coding is a paper based activity learning about identifying and fixing bugs in programming. Complete the worksheet to find the 'bug'/wrong symbol in the code and correct the code with the correct symbol.