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Please practise your handwriting, complete the word search and learn these spellings ready for next week.

Choose at least five words and write a sentence for each.

It should be clear from the sentence, that you understand the meaning of the word.

Fancy a challenge ? Construct the sentences so that they form a short story. 

You could even include more than one word in each sentence. 

Design and Technology


Investigate a key figure/event that has impacted on the world of Design Technology.


Our work this term focuses on TEXTILES


*This work should be researched by pupils independently.


*Any event/individual can be chosen.


Suggested Topics –

Industrial Revolution,

Waterproofing fabrics,

Electronic textiles.


Suggested Individuals –

Heribert Bauer (snap fastner),

Joseph Shivers (spandex/Lycra),

George De Mestral (velcro),

Charles Mackintosh.


Children should produce a poster, brochure or fact file about their chosen figure/ event.


You can choose any relevant person or topic - this is a great chance to follow a personal interest.


We are looking forward to sharing all that you have learned !