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English 1 - Complete your spelling test at home and the attached handwriting activity, tracing thr words and/or writing the text out yourself.


English 2 - Write out a character description of the character Edwin today, using your planning from Wednesday.


History - We began our History unit last lesson by taking a look at where the Normans fit into a timeline. Now, we are going to take a look at the different candidates for the crown once the Anglo-Saxon king died, and we are going to step back in time to the "1066 election" and judge who had the strongest claim to the throne. Follow the slides explainging what happened in 1066 and what you consider qualities for being king.

Activity 1 - Complete the diamond 9 activity (draw your own diamond) to order qualities you think are the most important to the least important for being king.

Activity 2 - After taking a look at the 3 candidates, choose one to run an election campaign for and write a speech about. Once completed take a look at the final slide to reveal who became king.

English - Handwriting