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Friday 20/11/20

Friday 20th November


We are now practising to write letters in a cursive style. Look at the Cursive letter formation powerpoint and notice how each letter starts from the line. This will mean that you will probably be forming some letters in a completely new way.  

Practise forming the letters g, h and i in a cursive style. 

Complete 2 lines of correctly formed letters before moving to the next letter. 

Remember that the round part of 'g' should fit within the lower half of the space with the descender coming below the line.  The letter 'h' has an ascender so the round part should fit within the lower half of the space, and the stick (ascender) should touch the top line. For the letter 'i', the whole letter will fit within the lower half of the line. 


Today we are going to solve word problems involving multiplication and division, using

materials, arrays, repeated addition, mental methods, and multiplication and division facts. You can draw groups or arrays to solve the problems.

Try the red problems first and then move on to the green and then the blue problems. 


Religious Education

New key question…

“Who is Jewish and what do they believe?”