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Friday 13/11/20

Friday 13th November 



We are now practising to write letters in a cursive style. Look at the Cursive letter formation powerpoint and notice how each letter starts from the line. This will mean that you will probably be forming some letters in a completely new way.  

Practise forming the letters d, e and f in a cursive style. 

Complete 2 lines of correctly formed letters before moving to the next letter. 

Remember that 'e' should both fit within the lower half of the space.  The letter 'd' has an ascender so the round part should fit within the lower half of the space, and the stick (ascender) should touch the top line. For the letter 'f', the top will touch the top line, and the descender will come just below the lower line. 



Try and solve the Friday questions with a grown up. Then try and solve any 5 problems on the worksheet. Remember to write number sentences using the division sign and use the correct vocabulary to explain how you solved it.

Religious Education

Diwali Celebrations -Rangoli Patterns

Have a look at the powerpoints to find out all about the Diwali Celebration and rangoli patterns.

Create/draw your own rangoli pattern or colour in a pre-drawn template.

If you have a paper plate at home you could create your pattern on that.