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Friday 11th December

English 1

Ask your child to have a look at the picture attached. Discuss the picture with them. Ask them if they were there what could they see/smell/hear/taste/feel/touch.

Give your child the sentence starter… One day I went to the park

Ask your child to complete the sentence and continue to create a paragraph describing the picture. Encourage them to use their phonics knowledge, finger spaces, capital letters, full stops etc.



English 2

Letter to Santa

Ask your child to write a letter to Santa trying to apply the different features of letters that they have learnt about in school. They could include what they are wishing for, ways that they have been good this year, questions for Santa and hopes and wishes for next year.



Christmas Cards

Ask your child to have a go at making a Christmas card of their choice. See the pictures provided for inspiration. We would love to see photos of their finished creations.