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Final Week



Good morning!


Today I would like you to complete the two activities below along with a fitness activity of your choice. 


For maths you will be completing a problem solving conundrum on the mystery of the Burgled Bangers! Someone's guilty for stealing a sausage... you're our only hope!! The last thing we want to be is sausageless!!


For English I would like you to plan and write an introduction to a story. If you look below you will find a variety of pictures to base your story on. Try not to rush it as this will be continuing over the next couple of days. I really want you to focus on the Planning, Introduction and opening scenes today ready to move onto the next step tomorrow.


The plan is that before our zoom call on Thursday, you will be able to read me your fantastic story! So don't rush and just let that creative flair flow. 


Have a good day!  



Good morning,


Maths and English are combined today in your next problem solving activity.


This one is all about dinosaurs and covers a huge range of skills from comprehension to ordering different amounts. I would recommend not completing this all at once and maybe come back to it throughout the day. There is plenty to do!


In the afternoon I would like you to go back to that story you were writing yesterday. Hopefully you have managed to write the introduction and set the scene. 


Go back through your story, checking for any grammar/punctuation mistakes and then go onto writing the main body. Develop the environments for your characters and get to the problem your characters face.


Remember you do not have to complete your story today, tomorrow you will be able to write the ending! 


Have a good day!


Mr Almeida