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Wow! Our Year 3 learning is really starting to whizz by and children are ploughing through all of their curriculum targets but we still have plenty more fun and learning to participate in during Summer Term 1. 


English - Children will be exploring three different genres of writing this term, newspaper reports, instructions and persuasive texts. Within each genre, children will recap the styles/techniques associated and apply this to our knowledge on the Tudor era.


Maths - We will be continuing with our concept of Fractions. Exploring unit and non-unit fractions and working out what equivalent fractions look like. Once we are secure with this, we will progress to comparing fractions and even begin using our adding and subtracting skills to help us out. Towards the latter stages of the term we will progress onto measurement; exploring time in terms of days, months and years and beginning to tell the time to 1 minute.


Science - We will begin looking at Rocks. Our learning will begin practically by exploring different rocks around school and using the physical appearance and our senses to help us compare and group rocks based upon their properties. We will then begin to investigate with rocks and even learn how fossils are formed. 


History - We will be continuing our learning on The Tudor era, however we will transition our focus from Henry VIII to Elizabeth I. We will begin to unpick buildings, transport through the Golden Hinde and entertainment through the Globe/Theatre.


RE - We will be answering the question 'what do different people believe about God?.' This unit provides children to consider their own individual response, before unpicking what Christians and Muslims believe about their own god. Towards the end of the unit we will also introduce the idea of 'Humanism' to help children discover the codes for living that non-religious people use and follow. We will link this with our school REACH values and school verse. 


PSCHE - Children will be thinking about the terms 'difference and diversity.' We will be exploring what the terms means and recognising that whilst we may share similarities and have differences, it is important to be treated fairly without discrimination.


MFL - Children will be continuing with their Spanish by describing families including pets.


PE - Tai-Chi will be the focus for our indoor PE and led by an external agency. Athletics/Outdoor Games will be the focus of our outdoor PE.