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Curriculum Info.



During Spring Term 2, our curriculum for English and Maths will see the continuation of coverage to the Year 3 curriculum objectives whilst still bridging any gaps from the Year 2 or Year 3 curriculum which were identified during the previous assessment week.


In the Spring Term we will be covering the following:


English – In English this term we will begin looking at narratives and how we can use the story mountain to help us carefully structure and sequence parts of a story together. We will begin looking at how to write a beginning, a build up, create a problem and solve with a resolution before thinking about how our story will end. In English this term we will also be streamlining into phonics group to bridge any gaps with our phonics knowledge. 


Maths – In Maths this term we will be finalising our knowledge on statistics by exploring the use of bar graphs and charts. We will look at how to read and interpret information on a bar graph/chart before conducting our own data to draw our own! Once we have completed our statistics knowledge we will transition across to measurement, exploring what is meant by length and perimeter. We will begin by physically using rulers and tape measures to measure and then will begin to covert measurements into mm, cm and m. This can be quite tricky! To end the term we will recap knowledge on fractions ready to aid the pupils with the progression of fraction in the Summer Term. 


Our afternoons will be also be very busy with lots of fun and exciting units of work. In History we will begin looking at the Tudor period, considering the life of Henry VIII and his many wives as well as how his rein impacting upon fashion, food, entertainment and contributed to life today! In DT our learning will become practical by engaging with skills linked with linkages and cams. In PSCHE this term we will be beginning our knowledge on Relationships and Sex Education by considering the different types of families that exist, similarities and differences between girls and boys. We will also explore the idea of personal space and boundaries, safe touch and consent. In RE we will be revisiting our knowledge on Christianity and Hinduism with a greater exploration on their religious festivals. We will look in depth at Diwali and unpick the real meaning behind easer.  In Science we will be exploring plants, considering the special parts of a plant and helping to understand their functions. To aid our knowledge on plants we will participate in several investigations to help us understand the conditions required for a plant to grow! This term our PE focus will be around Forest School and Tennis. 





Please click on the attachments below to see our overviews of learning.  This will provide you with an insight into what we will be learning and focusing on each week.



Each week your child will be tested on a weekly spelling rule. Please practice these spellings at home to support your child with their progression in spelling as this will aid their learning in independent writing. 


Please click on the document below to see the progression of our spelling rules this year and to find a list of words the children will be tested against.




Each week we would like your child to practice their spelling and times tables alongside weekly reading. Please write in your child's diary when you read with them or when they practice their spellings and times tables as we award merits on the Friday. We will also alternate between a My Maths online task and an English focused task on Each Friday your child will stick a homework slip and weekly spelling list into their diary. We therefore ask that your child has their planner in school everyday so that important notices aren't missed. I will also update the class blog weekly to remind you of the set homework tasks. 


Please use the links below to access the online tasks.