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Curriculum Info.



During Autumn Term 1, our curriculum for English and Maths will see the transition between the Year 2 curriculum objectives to the Year 3 curriculum objectives. Teachers and teaching assistants will be busy baselining children during the first full week of Year 3 to highlight any gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding. Throughout this week we will also be recapping the basics in both English and Maths. In English we will refresh the children’s knowledge on the different word classes and in Maths will recap number and place value associated with 2-digit numbers. After this, our learning will transition to the full Year 3 objectives, however those who need further intervention will be part of focused groups throughout the weeks.


In the Autumn Term we will be covering the following:


English – Sentence structure and types. We will be using the video stimulus ‘A cloudy lesson’ to aid children’s imagination. In our English lessons we will also begin to unpick narratives, considering the skills required to write our very own story. To support this, the teachers will be using snippets of their class novels by their class author.


Maths – Number and Place Value. We will be using different manipulatives to represent both 2 and 3-digit numbers and begin to partition numbers into hundreds, tens, and ones. As the term progresses, we will begin to explore numbers up to 1000. Highlighting how to represent and identify these numbers, order numbers to 1000 and compare them using the language greater than, less than and equal to.


Our afternoons will be also be very busy with lots of fun and exciting units of work. In History we will be introducing our unit of learning around the Victorians. We will be looking at Queen Victoria and what life was like during this historical period. In Art we will study the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We will explore his different painting styles and techniques and try to create our very own landscapes. In PSHE we will be exploring emotions and providing strategies to cope with different emotions. In RE we will be thinking about what it means to be a Christian in Britain today by exploring a Christians rituals at home and comparing to non-Christians. In Science we will be exploring forces and magnets so we can be prepared for lots of practical tasks! Our Indoor PE focus will be Gymnastics and our Outdoor focus is provided by the Beeston Hockey Team.

This term we also hope to have lots of extra fun activities planned. We will be engaging with whole-school themes linked to Harvest Festival and World Mental Health day. We also hope to provide a WOW day as part of our Victorian unit by pretending to be in a Victorian classroom one day!




Please click on the attachments below to see our overviews of learning. The long term plan provides an overview for the year and the medium term plan provides an overview for the half term. This will provide you with an insight into what we will be learning and focusing on each week.


To support the children with their learning we have produced knowledge organisers which act as a visual memory aid for the retention of the knowledge, skills and understanding we are learning about. Each knowledge organiser follows a similar structure, including key vocabulary, key knowledge or facts and generally supporting images. 


Please click on the knowledge organisers below to see our learning in RE, Science, History, Spanish, Art and Music. 



Each week your child will be tested on a weekly spelling rule. Please practice these spellings at home to support your child with their progression in spelling as this will aid their learning in independent writing. 


Please click on the document below to see the progression of our spelling rules this year and to find a list of words the children will be tested against.



Each week we would like your child to practice their spelling and times tables alongside weekly reading. Please write in your child's diary when you read with them or when they practice their spellings and times tables as we award merits on the Friday. We will also alternate between a My Maths online task and an English focused task on Each Friday your child will stick a homework slip and weekly spelling list into their diary. We therefore ask that your child has their planner in school everyday so that important notices aren't missed. I will also update the class blog weekly to remind you of the set homework tasks. 


Please use the links below to access the online tasks.