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Curriculum Info.




Autumn Term 2 will see the implementation and return of our full curriculum. This means we will be teaching all subject areas this term alongside English and Maths. The coverage in English and Maths will now progress on to the remainder of the Year 3 curriculum objectives rather than focusing on the basis skills. For those children who need further intervention with their basis skills, this will occur through small-focused intervention groups. 


This term in English we will be focusing on both fiction and non-fiction genres. For the first three weeks we will be engaging with the text 'The Tudors Kings, Queens, Scribes and Ferrets!' to support our History unit. Within these lessons we will begin to explore how to structure a story and how to incorporate lots of our GAPS skills within this. Towards the latter stages of the term we will progress onto writing to inform by exploring explanation texts and newspaper articles. 


In Maths our focus will continue around Fractions, exploring unit and non-unit fractions, counting in fractions and equivalent fractions. We will then progress on to more difficult elements of this by adding and subtracting fractions. Towards the latter stages of the term we will begin exploring measurement through time. Within this our focus will be learning months and how many days each month has, hours in a day and the difference between AM and PM. We will also begin telling the time to 5 minutes before progressing onto 1 minute. 


Our afternoons will be even busier this term! In History we will be introducing our unit of learning around the Tudors. We will be looking at the part Henry VIII played in the Tudor period before exploring Tudor entertainment, clothing and diet. We will also be hot-seating many of Henry VIII wives!  In RE will be exploring what different people believe about God. Throughout this unit we will be focusing on our own views and opinions and develop strategies to share these in a sensitive and respectful manner. We will compare what Christians and Muslims believe about their God before introducing the Humanist approach to religions. In PSHE we will be starting our unit on relationships; exploring who we may encounter relationships with and spotting the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. In Science we will be exploring rocks and soils and using lots of scientific skills to explore rocks and soils in the outdoor environment. 


This term we also hope to have lots of extra fun activities planned. In PE we are being treated to some additional learning from external agencies. For our indoor PE we will be learning pilates with Miss Bond from ESSP and in our outdoor PE we will be learning some new team games with Premier Sport.



Please click on the document below to see the progression of our spelling rules this year and to find a list of words the children will be tested against.



Each week we would like your child to practice their spelling and times tables alongside weekly reading. Please write in your child's diary when you read with them or when they practice their spellings and times tables as we award merits on the Friday. We will also alternate between a My Maths online task and an English focused task on Each Friday your child will stick a homework slip and weekly spelling list into their diary. We therefore ask that your child has their planner in school everyday so that important notices aren't missed. I will also update the class blog weekly to remind you of the set homework tasks. 


Please use the links below to access the online tasks.